What is to know before booking a yacht for family holiday trip?

What is to know before booking a yacht for family holiday trip?

The reservation will be converted into a fixed booking when the deposit of a minimum percentage of the rental price has been credited to the specified account. If the entrance is not timely, the owner is entitled to refuse the transfer to the tenant.The following conditions are part of the rental agreement which is concluded between the renter and the owner via the yacht service. The renter acknowledges with the booking, the condition for them and the traveling persons.

Liability of the service provider

The Dubai Marina yachts are insured with liability and comprehensive insurance, each with a deductible amount by the renter. The deposit, which may be higher than the deductible must be deposited in cash prior to departure. In addition, the renter agrees to use the boat with the utmost care. They are liable to the owner not only for damage to the boat and its facilities but also for the loss of the same. If the renter and the skipper are not identical, they are jointly and severally liable. The owner can assert the damage resulting from one of these cases to the tenant. Furthermore, any liability for loss or damage to personal belongings of the renter and other participants is excluded.

Transfer / return of the boat

The renter must return the boat and its equipment in intact condition until the time is given. When returning, the ownerof the rent yacht in Dubai takes a review of the boat and its facility. The owner is entitled to deduct any damage or loss found from the deposit. For damages that are not immediately calculable, the full security deposit can be retained until the final settlement of the claim. If the boat is not cleared and returned in time, the renter is liable for the damage caused to the lessor by the delay Pets are allowed on board only by arrangement. Operating materials, such as diesel, lubricants and gas are billed on return after operating hours. At the conclusion of the lease, the applicable at the time of signing the contract VAT is included in the rental price. The costs directly associated with the use of the boat such as port and moorings and fuel costs, are at the expense of the renter.

Conclusion: Instruction and damage

If any sort of technical problem occurs during the journey please inform the service provider immediately. The tenant needs for the execution of repairs, the consent of the owner. The hirer must inform the owner of any damage whatsoever, as well as facts and / or circumstances that may cause damage as soon as possible. No claim can be formulated against the owner if the ship remains stationary for less than 24 hours. A breakdown at the expense of the renter gives no right to compensation for the loss of the ship’s use. The owner reserves the right to withhold the deductible in order to cover any costs of repairing the ship. The loss of enjoyment following an accident that occurs during the rental can neither be the reason for a repayment nor a partial payment of the sum of this rental which was the cause.

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