Fine Options For Your Airport Transfer to Paris

Fine Options For Your Airport Transfer to Paris

Rent a car in Italy and go independently to meet the adventure – it’s an interesting and tempting occupation. In Italy, there are many firms that will offer you to rent any vehicle that suits you. By the way, in Italian car rental sounds like Paris airport shuttle.

Rent a car in Italy

The right decision will be to order a car in advance via the Internet; this will make the lease process more convenient and convenient for you. However, you can rent a car directly at the airport, or in the village of the “Big Boot”, where you want to start your tour of Italy. However, when booking through the Internet, exactly the same options are available – the airport, the train station or the office of the rental office directly in the city.

Depending on the city, prices vary within small limits, but on average the car of class C, complete with a navigator and insurance will cost you 60-80 dollars per day.For fans to save money there is a good option. If you go from the site of some airlines to a link to the site of companies specializing in the provision of car rental services, you can get a discount. The biggest bonus is provided for the transition through the link from the sites of budget carriers. However, there is one “but”. This discount applies only to a budget class car.For the convenience of the client, companies are allowed to rent a vehicle in one village, and it can be returned in any other city although this option will cost a little more.

  • In addition, if you wish, you can hire an exclusive car, whether it’s a rarity or a brand new Lamborghini. Such services are usually offered by small private companies. Of course, and the cost of this pleasure will be much more expensive, and the requirements for the driver will be tougher.
  • Understand the complex and “zamadrenyh” denouement of Italian roads at first is not easy. In this country, there are often roundabouts. Priority of the movement in this case is the car that is already traveling in a circle. In Italy there are almost no “butterfly” interchanges.

Documents and insurance when renting a car in Italy

In order to rent a vehicle, you will need Russian rights, as well as an international driving license, even if you already have a national driving license of the 2011 model. Italian state bodies punish those who travel on the territory of the state only with a national driving license, a fine of 300 dollars and above. However, you can hire a car, especially small rental companies do not refuse to issue a car with only a national driver’s license. In large, there may be problems.

Rent a car in Italy

In addition to the driver’s license, you will need a bank card, which should be a considerable amount of financial resources. These funds (from 500 dollars) serve as collateral and will be blocked in case you have any penalties or problems with the car. The deposit will be returned within 2-4 weeks, taking into account the deduction of all fines and costs for repairing vehicles. If the car is in order – the deposit will be returned in full. In order to avoid misunderstandings, when returning a car, require a documented inspection by the manager.

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