How to choose the best Honeymoon packages in Sri Lanka

How to choose the best Honeymoon packages in Sri Lanka

Are you planning for a honeymoon? Not sure about the place or haven’t decided the destination yet? Why spend the same kind of a honeymoon like most couples do, when there is a love-makers’ paradise on earth? Well, enough of suspense – we suggest Sri Lanka for an intimate honeymoon experience. It is a land complete with magical backdrops and diverse landscapes which make best honeymoon packages in Sri Lanka. While there are numerous places for romantic holidays in this country, let’s take a look at how to pick out the best option.

Don’t hurry for honeymooning

Your wedding might be exhausting, so you may want to refresh your mind and soul. Keep in mind – never go for a honeymoon soon next to your wedding bells. If you leave for a honeymoon shortly after the wedding, the chances are high in ending up being bone-tired.  Take at least a one week break after your wedding and settle down. Then move on.

Sketch the places to go

Even though Sri Lanka is a compact island containing a landmass of 65,00 km², a poorly planned trip is enough to collapse your humour completely. Thus, the best practice is to research and decide on the destination you love travelling as a couple. Be it a honeymoon next to beaches, hill countries, cultural corners or diverse wildlife, Sri Lanka has everything for you. Don’t let your poor planning regret later. So pick your itinerary wisely for planning a better honeymoon.

Suggested places to visit: Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Yala, Mirissa, Bentota, Galle, Sigiriya, Ella, and Colombo.

Focus more on staying together

You may come across tours with lengthy descriptions and places to visit – forget about that. What is your purpose? No wonder, you want to romance throughout the stay. When planning your honeymoon, emphasis less on the areas you are visiting and more on the activities you both could revel in together. Choose the best honeymoon packages in Sri Lanka that includes many types of things you and your partner most likely to enjoy. This helps to spend most of the time by engaging in what you both adore doing together and find more time to love each other.

Our activity suggestions: Watch the whales in Mirissa, walk along the tea plantations of Nuwara Eliya and Ella, take a romantic ride through Mahaweli river, relax beside the sun-kissed beaches, jump into water activities, watch the sea monsters in Mirissa, catch a train from Nuwara Eliya to Ella, submerge in Ayurveda and Spa wellness therapies, float in a hot air balloon and plan a romantic candlelight dinner at your hotel.

Have a relaxed schedule

Don’t over pack your honeymoon with all kinds of things to do and places to visit. Instead, have a free schedule by setting limits and more time for perfect romancing.The more time you have to breathe in the plan, you will havemore time for serendipity.Don’t run behind the route; just spend more time togetherwhile staying in the room and engage in romantic chatters.

Pick calm destinations

Your honeymoon tour doesn’t need to have bustling towns, but a few scenic and tranquil destinations. You often prefer being undisturbed throughout your honeymoon. So, go for a package that includes relaxing yet romantic sites. Coastal towns, central highlands and rainforests are perfect romantic locations in this land. Nuwara Eliya honeymoon packages are such option selected by many couples who are planning a vacation after their wedding. Nuwara Eliya honeymoon packages bring you the classic hill country honeymoon experience among misty mountains in its peaceful atmosphere.

Couples may choose to stay in a cosy guesthouse – feeling the warmth of love without doing anything, hold hands together and stroll along the wide-stretching tea country trails, hop into a tea factory for tasting a cup of Sri Lankan tea, sip your evening coffee and gaze the surrounding from the room balcony or take a train journey from Nuwara Eliya to Ella and vice versa. The lovemaking choices are endless – Use the opportunity at its best.

Pick the hotels prudently

Choose the best honeymoon packages in Sri Lanka that offer comfortable accommodations. Your accommodations will be an essential element for making a perfect honeymoon without any mishap. The country is brimming with various cost-effective and luxury hotels spreading evenly. For those in sought for beach honeymoons – choose an ocean-front beach resort or resort hotel. Yay, you have the chance to relish a stay in one of the honeymoon accommodations by overlooking the Indian Ocean and experience the contemporary amenities. If you are in search for a honeymoon in the central hills – Then go for Nuwara Eliya honeymoon packages which include hotels or guesthouses with mountain view window rooms.

Some hotels provide special services like in room dining options, complementary dinner facilities and extra activities for the honeymooners.

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