Hippie in the Hills: 7 Places in Manali to Bewitch Your Travel

Hippie in the Hills: 7 Places in Manali to Bewitch Your Travel

Paradise to nature lovers in the true sense, Kullu Manali never disappoints you in showering the bewildering charm whenever you go to the place. The charismatic panoramas with valleys gushing down and birds twittering in the background, you are left with no option than falling in love with the place. The expansive fields covered by deodar and pine trees and river streams flowing after every other step is what crosses your sights. Other than these common visual sights there remains a world untarnished till date. A world of sights that remain filled with explicit beauty and look out for someone who adores them with all the hearts. Get a sneak peek into the 7 best places to include in your Kullu Manali packages that will woo you like anything in the world.

  1. The Legendary Raghunath Temple

Location: Near Post Office, Sultanpur, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh 228001

Girdled by the lush beauty in the background, Raghunath Temple recapitulates to be one of the famous tourist sites in Kullu. As says the history, this temple was raised by Raja Jagat Singh as a piece of apology for all his sins in 1660. The idol placed in the temple is said to be brought by Raja Jagat Singh from Ayodhya itself. Ayodhya being the prime estate of Lord Rama, the idol has its own significance in terms of devotion.

  1. The Heavenly Chandrakhani Pass

Location: East of Katrain, Kullu 175101, India

Set at an altitude of 3660 m, Chandrakhani Pass is an idyllic setting for those who want to gaze closely at nature. Large fields with excellent fertility, blooming bulbs, and crystal-clear streams gushing down the river, Chandrakhani is sure to leave you in awe. Other than marveling you with nature’s excellence, this place also holds a spiritual significance. Known as the Valley of Gods, this region has a story saying Jamlu opened a basket carrying Gods who all later got carried away by the wind to their present abodes.

  1. Great Himalayan National Park

Location: Kullu District, Shamshi, Himachal Pradesh 175126

Established in 1984, this place lists under one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Not everyone knows about the place until any local escorts them to visit it but, the place still holds a strong name as one of the best tourist sites in Kullu. While deciding on to your Kullu Manali tour packagesfrom mumbai don’t forget to include this national park. With over 375 species of fauna, 181 species of bird, and 31 species of mammals, this place only adds fun to your trip.

  1. The High Spirits of Friendship Peak

Location: Pir Panjal Range, Beas Kund Area, Manali, Manali Tehsil, India

One of the best places to visit in Kullu Manali, no trip works best with your friends than trekking to the Friendship Peak. The peak stands high at the Pir Panjal Range and takes you on the journey call adventure. The trekking trails heading your way to the peak surround by lush green forests, a thick bed of snow and the great alpine scents. In case you are a hardcore adventure lover, the vibes at Friendship Peak are sure to invigorate your soul.

  1. The Wondrous Bijli Mahadev Temple

Location: Kullu Valley, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

One of the best and interesting places in Kullu Manali, this temple is no less than a wonder. Known as the existing abode of Shiva, there is a belief of light striking to the pole outside the temple tends to be a form of blessing from heaven. The visual sights from above seem so captivating that no one would ever want to leave the place. The other wondrous thing about the temple is there is a Shiva Linga that was broken into pieces after the lightning struck the pole, the Shiva linga was later joined by a priest using butter.

  1. Pandoh Dam

Location: Mandi, NH 21, Manali, Manali Tehsil, India

The dam is constructed on the Beas river and is among the famous places to witness in Kullu. The only thing that draws the attention of the visitors is the ken of water releasing from the dam. The sight looks spectacular as it is not something we witness every day and, that’s what works in drawing many travelers to the town. Other than experiencing the spectacular sights of the dam, don’t miss a chance to raft in the lower bed of the man-made lake.

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