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The Rights of a Hotel Guest

A majority of people use hotel accommodation once or twice during their vacation. Whether you stay in a luxury hotel or not, you still deserve to have a wonderful experience. While staying at a certain hotel, you may have wondered if you really have some rights.

The good news is that yes, you have rights as a hotel guest that Overnatting Kristiansand Yess Hotel must adhere to. These rights are universal and apply anywhere across the world. These are the rights;

  1. Right to provision

As a guest, you have the right to be provided with basic things that you need to make your stay at the hotel comfortable. The basic needs that you require include;

  • Clean and fresh beddings

It is the hotel’s responsibility to provide you with clean and fresh beddings. Beddings are among the top essential items that you need while staying at a hotel.

  • Meals

The hotel should provide you with meals if you signed a contract that they were to provide you with meals, whether full board or half board.

  • Wifi

Most of the hotels nowadays have a Wifi installed. If when you were making booking the hotel, the hotel indicated a free Wifi, then it is your right that you use the Wifi freely without having to pay a dime.

  1. Right to privacy

Nobody wants their privacy invaded, whether you are staying at a 5 star or 1-star hotel, you still have a right to privacy. Although your right to privacy may be compromised if you are caught doing something illegal or causing disturbance to other guests. The hotel can, therefore, enter your room without your permission. If it’s a serious case that involves the police, the police should only enter your room if they have a warrant search.

It is also the responsibility of the hotel to keep your personal information confidential and secure. The hotel should also ensure that there’s no recording equipment in your room.

  1. Right to security

This is a responsibility of www.yesshotel.no that they provide adequate security to its guests. The hotel should ensure that the doors and windows are functioning and locked. They should keep your room number confidential. To beef up the level of security in the hotel, the hotel can install a surveillance camera in all the public areas.

  1. Right to information

Every hotel guest has a right to information regarding the hotel when booking the hotel. The information can include; if there is an outbreak of pests such bedbugs, or if an unfortunate death occurred in one of the rooms.

These information is good when a guest wants to book for a room because it can be worse if the guest was to find them when he/she is already staying at the hotel. It can create a bad experience for them.

  1. Right to safety

It is the hotel’s responsibility to ensure that all its properties are in safe condition. This means removing all faulty furniture which require maintenance. All hotels must adhere to safety regulations such as building codes requirements or fire regulations.

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