5 Luxury Ski Resorts in Europe

When the first snowflakes start to whirl in a dance, there is a thought to go for vacation in the mountains. To make your holiday special, you may consider choosing activities described in the luxury boutique magazine for your winter getaway. Anyway, going to the best ski resorts in Europe is one of the preferred options to relax and get close to nature.

Practically every ski resort offers not only exclusive tracks for those who enjoy skiing and snowboarding but a variety of additional services for everyone. Most ski resorts in Europe are in the Alps – the mountain chain situated on the territory of France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. To choose the best place for your winter vacation, we provide a list of luxury ski resorts in Europe.

Zermatt, Switzerland

When it comes to the most well-known ski resorts in the world, Zermatt comes to mind first. In fact, it is not only one of the most famous ski resorts but one of the most expensive ones. The ski resort in Zermatt boasts a luxurious atmosphere because it has much to offer to its visitors.

Zermatt is a small village located in the southern part of Switzerland, which borders Italy. In fact, this is a place from which the route to the mountains starts. That is why most tourists come to live in Zermatt and then go skiing in the surrounding mountains.

This luxury ski resort is particular as it offers incredible postcard-like views to its visitors all year round. Those who come for skiing in winter enjoy high mountain trails, while tourists that come in summer may go in for hiking there.

To get to the mountain trails, you should take a cable car that will bring you there. Visitors have plenty of routes from Zermatt to the various mountain tops, including international ones. The most popular ones take you to the peaks of Gornergray and Rothorn, from which you could follow the mountain trails located entirely in Switzerland. You might also prefer the international route to Cervinia, an Italian ski resort.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Another luxury ski resort is also located in Switzerland as this country is famous for its high standards of living, and thus high standards of relaxation. This ski resort is called Sankt Moritz in the language of origin. Many tourists also know it as a place for summer vacation as well as there are many thermal springs in the area.

Sankt Moritz is not an ordinary ski resort, it is believed to be the motherland of winter alpine tourism. This place has always been ahead of time as one of the first cable cars in the Alps started to function exactly in Sankt Moritz. As a result, the winter tourism industry was also born there.

Compared to Zermatt, Sankt Moritz has lower mountain peaks of 2000 meters on average. The overall length of the mountain trails is around 350 kilometers. Sankt Moritz also offers much more to its visitors when it comes to attractions, historical sites, and entertainment. This place has streets with luxury shops, spa resorts, Segantini Museum, and many other attractions for an unforgettable holiday.

Val Thorens, France

If you want to visit France during your winter vacation, then consider Val Thorens as one of the best and luxurious resorts in Europe. Val Thorens is located in the Belleville Valley together with well-known ski resorts Meribel and Courchevel. However, compared to other ski resorts in the area, it is the newest and the most modern one.

Val Thorens has been designed particularly for those who like skiing and snowboarding, considering every minor detail. Practically every hotel is located close to ski lifts so that anyone can reach the cable car station basically on foot without the need to take a transfer.

This ski resort will mostly fit those who have been doing ski sports for some time already and for those who want to advance their skills. Amateurs would certainly appreciate Combe du Caron mountain trails, while professionals would find it challenging to experience the slopes of Cime du Caron.

Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

This ski resort is the favorite place for winter vacation among Italians and many Europeans. Many of them come to Cortina d’Ampezzo not only for skiing or snowboarding but for being close to nature. The exceptional beauty of the Dolomites together with the special Italian atmosphere and delicious cuisine make this destination unique.

Cortina d’Ampezzo is a small town located in the Veneto region and surrounded by the Dolomites. You can reach this place by bus or car because other transportation means are not available there.

When talking about Cortina d’Ampezzo as a ski resort, it provides plenty of options to its visitors. It has a wide range of mountain trails and slopes scattered all over the area and connected with the help of ski lifts. Thus, one can make a long journey of 2-3 hours skiing from Cortina to the Marmelada mountain, which is the highest in the region, with the same ski pass. It is worth noting, that all the mountain trails are well-prepared and vast, so even skiers with little experience can easily cope with them.

Lech, Austria

Those who want to feel the Austrian atmosphere are welcome to visit the Lech ski resort located in the Alps. This place has managed to preserve the spirit of a traditional alpine village. However, it also offers high-quality services to its visitors at the same time. The level of luxury in Lech is the same as in the famous ski resorts of Courchevel in France or Sankt Moritz in Switzerland.

The characteristics feature of the ski resort in Lech is that it particularly fits those who have just started practicing skiing or snowboarding. Most of its mountain trails are of the low and middle levels of complexity.

Lech is an expensive and luxurious ski resort that is beloved by many celebrities and the representatives of the Austrian aristocracy. The restaurants of Lech offer exclusive dishes of traditional mountain cuisine. Also, there is a concert hall where visitors can enjoy performances of world-known celebrities.

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