Sentosa Island, A Recommended Place to Spend Holiday Time in Singapore

Sentosa Island, A Recommended Place to Spend Holiday Time in Singapore

Sentosa Island Singapore has become a favorite place for vacation in Singapore. Sentosa Island is one of the other 60 small islands in Singapore, located at the eastern tip of the island nation. Of course, exploring Sentosa island with an area of ​​500 hectares is certainly not enough time in a day, you can rent a hotels in Sentosa island through Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp.

Sentosa island is perfect for those of you who like nature. Sentosa Island has been neatly arranged as an island of various attractions and paradises, which offers more than 80 exciting objects, including amusement rides, restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops. Besides this, here are some unique things you can find while going on vacation on Sentosa Island, Singapore. 

About Sentosa Island

Everything, including the plants and tree on each side of the road, is well-organized and well-designed, reinforcing the impression that they are artificial, intentionally made, or arranged to fulfill the element of beauty and meet visitors’ needs. 

There are no dirt floors on the roads, but plaster floors, some of which are even tiled with colorful tiles. The scenery along the way is also enhanced by ponds and fountains with unique designs.

On this island, most tourists visit Resort World Sentosa. The resort, which was built in early 2010, is an integrated resort with a variety of entertainment, which includes six hotels, a Universal Studios theme park, and a casino. Especially for the casino, the object which was opened in February 2010 is also trying to attract foreign tourists by freeing entrance tickets. Tourists from outside Singapore just need to show a passport, while domestic residents have to spend hundreds of Singapore dollars on becoming members and entering the casino.

Another unique attraction you can find on Sentosa Island is the SEA Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world because it has a collection of more than 100,000 marine animals with 800 species. And there are many other tours scattered in this area. So this area is indeed the most appropriate to be a tourist destination with family or loved ones. 

Direction to Sentosa Island

You can visit the islands easily. You can go directly to the Vivo city mall when you leave Changi Airport. By continuing the journey using the MRT and getting off at Harbourfront station. After that, walk to the 1st floor from Mall Vivo City. After that, you can walk past the Sentosa boardwalk for 500 meters by paying SGD 1. 

You don’t need to worry, because even if you walk, you won’t feel hot and tired. Apart from walking along the path covered by a roof, the boardwalk is also equipped with a travelator that can speed up your time to arrive at the location. 

Sentosa Island is indeed a tourist destination, but there are other alternatives for those who want a vacation with an old city atmosphere. Located east of the Singapore River, many old shopping buildings line the streets along the Geylang area with unique architecture. This building invites tourists to enjoy the atmosphere like in 1980-1900. 

The building with an authentic architectural style is the hallmark of the Gaylang Serai tourist spot. To make it more fun, you can rent a hotels in Geylang. You can take a walk on the streets calmly because you don’t have to feel far to rest. Geylang Serai Singapore was once known as a settlement area for Malay people, so this area also has the name Malay village in Singapore. 

This area was once very thick with micro-enterprises pioneered by the Malays, which became the beginning of the development of the business area in Geylang, Singapore. Not surprisingly, now Geylang Serai Singapore has become one of the shopping centers for the needs of traditional Malay clothing in Singapore. 

Besides offering a tourist market for Malay clothing, Geylang Serai can also enjoy the cuisine served by the many shops there because you can visit the largest hawker center in Geylang Serai, the Haig Road Food Center. This area will be more lively when welcoming the month of Ramadan, where this area will be decorated with lights, celebrations, and a variety of delicious traditional and modern snacks.

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