Stay in a Luxury Santorini Cave Villa for the Ultimate Authentic Experience


A Luxury Cave Villa provides uniqueness and authenticity

A holiday to Santorini for most of us is a once in a lifetime experience. Staying in a Santorini Luxury Cave Villa will make your experience of Santorini so much more authentic and unique. These individual cave houses were once inhabited by the poorest members of the society. Dug into the cliffs, they were simple structures, often just 2 rooms and an external out-building for cooking. Nowadays many of the heritage properties have been converted into luxury Cave Villas for the modern visitor. Yet despite their makeovers, they manage to retain a uniqueness and authenticity that you’ll not find in new hotels and suites around the island.  A Luxury Cave Villa in Santorini is a destination in its own right. The moment you enter a Cave House, you’ll be amazed at the curvaceous walls, the high domed ceilings and the cuteness of the irregular nooks and crannies that give these structures uniqueness and bags of character. Don’t expect cookie cutter style rooms here. Do expect cute little hideaways in stunning Santorini villages.

Experience Santorini like a local

The vast majority of Cave Houses in Santorini are in the heart of the island’s most traditional and pretty villages.  Villages such as Pyrgos, Megalochori, Emborio and Akrotiri have many cave dwellings. When you choose to stay in one of these villages, you will experience the real Santorini. You’re not staying in a tourist resort but a real, living village. Chances are you’ll be shopping in the local shops, buying breads from the local bakery and eating in traditional Greek tavernas where they serve delicious local food. Your entire experience of Santorini will be so much more real and authentic when you stay in a Cave House.


You’ll feel completely at home in your Santorini Luxury Cave Villa

Many of the Cave Houses are independently owned and managed. The Cave Houses have been renovated to very high standards so despite them being old, you will find extremely high levels of comfort and service. It’s normal for the Cave Villa to have an outdoor heated plunge pool or hot tub. Most have roof top terraces with grandstand views across the village, countryside and sea. Inside, the cave structures are naturally cool in the summer months and warm in the cooler winter months. Many of the Cave Villas in Santorini have been kitted out with bespoke furniture, flat screen TVs, super comfortable beds and small kitchens. What’s more if you’re lucky, one of the rooms will be completely built into the hillside giving it a real cave like feel. 


5-star Service and concierge

The services such as daily cleaning and 24-hour concierge means that you’ll have access to the best local tips and advice. Most owners live in the area so their knowledge of things to do, not to do and what not to miss is invaluable. Messaging services such as WhatsApp and Viber mean it is very easy to communicate and social distance where necessary.  

Remember, life is all about experiences. Make sure they are authentic!

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