Top Wonders of China

Top Wonders of China

Xie Xie guys! This is how you say “Hi” in China. From research and experience, it has been observed that China is a great country which impresses its visitors on a major level. This it successfully does through is great sites such as the Beijing Oceanarium.

This oceanarium is located in the territory of the Beijing Zoo, and it is convenient to visit it in one day. There are seven rooms dedicated to different climatic zones of our planet and its aquatic inhabitants.

In the Beijing Oceanarium, a large amphitheatre is set up, and marine animals are usually showcased. Going there is also a great entertainment medium for the whole family. Another site is the mausoleum of Emperor Qin.

The first emperor of China surrounded himself with loyal soldiers to his grave. Indeed, this incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site is an impressive archaeological site where a real army seems frozen in time. Buried during more than 2000 it is only in 1974 that one discovers this army of terracotta, with the human dimensions and the details more than precise. This place fascinates and is many people, always actively in search of its last secrets. These fighters were erected symbolically to protect the emperor even after death.

In recent times, tourism in China has grown to be rich and varied. Furthermore, visiting China in order to explore its great sights can only be possible upon possession of the China Tourist Visa. This type of China visa is usually processed and issued to the applicant after providing the following documents:

• An identity photo in color and on a light background, to be glued or stapled on the Chinese form

• An original passport (without passport cover), on which will be affixed the visa

• A visa Application Embassy Form

• A copy of a confirmation of the flights of entry and exit of China

• A copy of pages 2 and 3 of the passport (on A4 sheet)

• A copy of a confirmation of the flights of entry and exit of China

• A copy of a hotel booking confirmation covering at least two nights

The above-listed documents should be presented at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate, and upon verification, the China Tourist Visa would be issued within a few days. If you desire to access this type of visa without setbacks, it’s best you seek the help of great travel specialists such as Fly For Holidays.

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