Visit Visa to Dubai

Visit Visa to Dubai

Dubai is one of the best magical cities you may ever see, you will love travelling there enjoying the culture beauty, history charm, and architectural innovation along with a luxurious lifestyle. There is no need to be a rich prince to go there, Dubai is for everyone.

It is time to get your visa to Dubai online to save time and effort before travelling to such a wonderful city in United Arabs emirates. There are a variety of Visit Visa types to Dubai, all you need is to learn more about them and then, select the best type to meet your needs and the purpose of your visit. Let’s explore more!

Types of Dubai Visit visa

14 Days Visit visa to Dubai

30 Days Visit visa to Dubai

90 Days Visit visa to Dubai

30 Days Multiple entry visit visa to Dubai

90 Days Multiple entry visit visa to Dubai

Dubai Tourist Visa Extension

14 Days Visit Visa to Dubai: is suitable for everyone who needs to stay for a short time whether for vacation, attending a seminar or a meeting. It is valid for 60 days from the issue date. 

30 Days Visit Visa to Dubai: is the best category for many purpose; if you need a visit visa that enables you to enjoy your holiday, family gathering, exploring UAE or even for medical issues. This Visit Visa is valid for 60 days once your Visit Visa to Dubai is granted.

90 Days Visit Visa to Dubai: if you a business man who wants to expand his/her business, or you need to market your business, this long-term Visit Visa to Dubai is the best for you. Enjoy Dubai and let your business grow. 

30 Days Multiple Entry Visit Visa to Dubai: is a great choice to enjoy visiting UAE for a multiple time within 30 days. In other words, it is a one day Visit Visa enabling you to enter UAE for 30 days from your first entry.

90 Days Multiple Entry Visit Visa to Dubai: is a wonderful match for those people who have a worldwide business and need to Enter UAE as much as possible. This Visit Visa type enables you to enter the country multiple times starting from the day of your first entry till 90 days.

Dubai Tourist Visa Extension: If you need to extend your visit for any purpose, now it is possible to do so for 30 days without leaving Dubai. In addition, you can extend your visa once more before the first extension expiry date. 

– Appling to any of Visit Visa types to Dubai online is easy and quick. All you need to upload the following documents:

Scanned copy of your Passport.

Scanned passport size photograph (with white background)

Confirmed return or onward flight tickets (for some nationality)

Hotel booking confirmation (for some nationality)

Visit Visa fees start from AED 400 but the price may vary from one type to another and one nationality to another. Payment should be deposited in advance along with uploading your documents. The processing of a Visit Visa to Dubai usually takes 2-3 working days, however the approval or rejection of an application depends entirely on the immigration authorities regardless of the Visit Visa application type.

Note: the visa application charges are non-refundable and non-transferable regardless of your Visit Visa application’s approval or rejection. 

Hurry up and apply now easily!

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