Things to remember while going on a holiday

Vacations are always fun! We keep waiting for holidays to take time off with our family and loved ones. But holidays are hard to get. If you are a student, your school/college will pile you up with homeworks, assignments and if you are working, your boss will pile you up with workload and always make a face if you ask for a day off. So it is very important to utilize holidays and spend quality time with family and friends, whenever you get a few days off.

However, we often get too excited and forget some essentials apart from booking hotels and vehicles, because of which we face inconvenience later. To help you out with this very issue, I am listing out a few things to do before and during the trip:

  1. Money: Make sure you have planned accordingly and are carrying the required amount of money for the trip. It is not always a good idea to carry only cash, so make sure you have your card with you too. Try to not get too overwhelmed and spend unnecessarily, even if you have the money for it.
  2. Check list: It is very useful to plan ahead, so make sure you have a checklist that contains things that you want to do during the trip, places you want to see there or things you want to carry with you. This always helps in the last minute and that way, you will have everything with you and not face inconvenience.
  3. Chargers/Adapters: You don’t want to be running around looking for electronic shops because you forgot yours charger at home. If you are carrying laptops and are planning to work during the holiday at intervals, make sure you carry your chargers.
  4. Over-packing: Make sure you do not carry a lot of luggage because it is always inconvenient to carry around a big luggage bag everywhere. Pack only what is necessary and carry snacks if you are going to places where the shops get closed early.
  5. Make sure you have unplugged all electronic appliances at home before leaving. The fridge should be emptied before leaving and garbage should not be left in the house. You don’t want to come back home to find a foul smell. Save electricity and energy by turning off appliances. Make sure you have turned off the gas pipe/cylinder.
  6. If you are planning to drive to your destination, make sure you have a print out of the driving direction map with you. You can always look it up on your phone, yes, but you should not always trust electronic appliances, or their might not be network at some places so the map might not load.
  7. Make sure you carry medicines with you in the journey. You never know who might fall sick because of the weather change. Also carry a bottle of sanitizer or dettol, you will need it.

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