Things to pack before heading out on a trip to Rome

Things to pack before heading out on a trip to Rome

So you are finally heading out to Rome?


This would be a much-needed break from the monotony the pandemic has brought with it but hold on! Have you packed all the essential items that you might need for the trip? Sure the local shops in Rome will have all you might need but if you pack all essentials from your home you will be keeping yourself from spending too much money in Rome.

Anyway, here is a list of all the essential items that you might need for your trip and all future Rome Tours

A sturdy and roomy backpack

A roomy backpack will act as your in-cabin luggage where you can keep all your papers, medication, electronic gadgets and even a few snacks.

The backpack will also come in handy in case you want to carry a bottle of water with you while you are roaming the Roman streets.

Get the point?

A camera – obviously

Well, you might think that you have that latest smartphone so why pack a dedicated camera?

Well, Rome’s beauty is best captured when you have a dedicated camera. Irrespective of the price of your smartphone, the pictures it will shoot will not even come close to the quality of pictures shot on that DSLR you have lying next to your bed.

Clothes with anti-theft feature

Rome has its upsides and a few downsides as well. For instance, the public transport system in Rome is infamous for its pickpocket nuisance. Other popular places in Rome that act as a hotspot for tourist traffic are also often riddled with pickpockets. So, to make sure that your valuables remain on you irrespective of where you are in Rome, invest in clothes with the anti-theft feature and pack them for the trip.

Whenever you will be taking the Roman public transport or heading out to a crowded Roman plaza, be sure to wear your clothes with the anti-theft feature.

Travel adapter(s)

Irrespective of the nation you belong to, it is best to keep in mind that Rome offers different electrical voltage and frequency to its residents. Hence, in case you want to avoid instances where you are unable to charge your laptop, phone or camera, it would be wise to pack a travel adapter along with the essentials mentioned above.

Your medication (if any)

The pharmacies in Rome not only sell over-the-counter prescription medication but also natural remedies. So why carry your medication?

Well, in case you have a chronic medical condition and you urgently need that particular medication while you are in Rome, who will write you a prescription? On top of this, there could also be an instance where the medication you need is not available in any of the pharmacies in Rome – what then!?

To avoid such impossible situations, it is a wise decision to pack your medications before you head out for Rome, don’t you agree?


The most important items that you should never fail to pack before heading out for Rome are your documents. You would not only need to pack your passport as well as your IDs but also your driving license in case you are planning to rent a car in Rome. You would also need to pack your wallet as well as your debit or credit cards. These were all the essential items that you would need to pack before you head out to Rome.

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