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Maybe “bargain” is not the right adjective to describe it, but the cost of flying surrounded by luxury and comfort has fallen by more than 30% on many of the world’s major air routes. We tell you why.Flying in business class will never be a bargain at all. That of traveling with champagne in hand, resting in thin leather seats and jumping the line of other mortals in airports, has its price. But the good news is that that price is falling.

Along with what happens in the rest of the global aviation industry, the luxury service of airlines is beginning to pass to consumers the lower operating costs of their aircraft.Lower fuel prices and other factors mean that airlines can fly cheaper than a year ago. And the results are finally starting to be seen in many rates. With the Cheap Business Class Tickets now you will be able to have the best opportunities present.

Even in the business class, a segment of the market in which airlines tend to be relentless when it comes to charging, since they usually represent an important part of the profits of these companies.The price comparison site is there, in which the executive class fare for flights had fallen by 37% in the first eight months of 2016 compared to the same period on last year.

The devaluation

With the addition that for many travelers from Latin American countries and other regions of the world, the advantage of cheaper rates in dollars can be neutralized by the devaluation of their currencies against the currency.However, it is notorious that in just one year, that universal status symbol that is a “business class” airline ticket is a third cheaper than before.

Those below

And what about those who, when entering the airplane cabin, pass by the most luxurious seats heading for the economy class?

The global airline industry

  • 3,500 million Estimated number of passengers worldwide in 2015.
  • 7,000 million Projected number of travelers worldwide in 2034.
  • 2029 Year in which China is expected to surpass the United States as the world’s largest aviation market.

There is also good news for the majority. The market research company anticipates that internal rates will fall by 8% between September and November of this year.A result that will undoubtedly vary from country to country, but that also reflects a global trend. For the Discount Business class tickets this is really a very significant matter.

More competition

Airlines are offering discounts to travelers by having cheaper fuel and increasing competition.This competition is coming with particular force in the business class sector.New companies are entering that specialize in offering a complete luxury cabin for all its passengers.Others offer added privileges for consenting passengers who turn left when they board the plane.

Delta, one of the major airlines, also announced plans this month for a new executive class service in which passengers travel in personal cabins with doors, offering the privacy that some associate with private jets.

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