The Improving Relationship of Disability and Indian Railways

The Improving Relationship of Disability and Indian Railways

The population of India is made up of different people. Different people have their specific needs when it comes to traveling. Talking about Indian Railways, it has been making all possible efforts to provide its passengers with comfortable options and suitable experience. But what if you are a person with disability? It has always been seen that the people having disabilities face difficulty in every zone of life and traveling is no exception.

Today if you want to know about train berth availability, you can get information without any delay. The point is what if you know about the availability of berth, but you have no clue how to survive the train journeys with a disability? Come on, you are a fighter, and you should not feel disheartened. It is true that traveling can be a daunting task for many people having disabilities, especially for the ones who are traveling for the first time. In nations like India, commuting is not a contented thing for everyone. In urban cities, you might find some bit of development towards disabled friendly infrastructure… but in small towns and cities, rural and remote areas things are quite far from being suitable. Even if there is provision of any type of facilities, disabled people are mostly unaware about them. So, the point is passengers with disabilities should keep themselves abreast about the facilities emerging in Indian Railways.

You know the biggest public sector in the country in terms of transportation is Indian Railways. It is considered to be the lifeline to most of the destinations in the country.You know it implements the Person with Disability Act of 1995 declared by the Government of India to make sure equal opportunities to persons with disability to lead a full-fledged participation in nation building. Indian Railways do possess the provision to grant the concession ranging from fifty percent to seventy five percent respectively. There are standard ramps that are being provided to the passengers to have a convenient access to entry and exit in trains. There are even availability of non-slippery walkways from parking lot to the buildings, availability of at least a single drinking water tap, toilet on the ground floor to ensure a convenient access for disabled person.


It might interest you that in every tourist place in India, there are authorized guides mainly for travellers with disabilities. In every single Archaeological Site of India, visually impaired people have an easy access to hear recorded voices as a mode that describes that specific place that gives them the insights equal to what people see through eyes. An attendant is there to every disabled traveller for a convenience entry and exit in trains.So, if you are traveling to a tourist place, you might get a guide to assist you comfortably.

Thus, while you had a peep into the diverse developments taking place in Indian Railways for persons with disabilities; don’t forget that there is a disabled coach too in trains for people with disabilities. And similarly, mostly people in trains are compassionate and don’t hesitate to extend a helping hand.

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