Passport Fairs– Great Place for Passport Application and Renewal

Passport Fairs– Great Place for Passport Application and Renewal

It is a well-known and common fact that more and more numbers of people are applying for new passports. US citizens who are newly naturalized are looking forward to get their passports done at the earliest as the document stands evidence of their citizenship and nationality. As per Mike Behringer, the Ocean View Postmaster, record numbers of people are applying for their US passport. People are seen to stand in long queues for passport application, not only for themselves, but for their children as well. This is a common sight in many towns across Delaware.

Seeing this, the U.S Postal Service and South Coastal Public Library have come up with an idea of providing opportunity for US citizens, who are applying for their first passport. Both the organizations have come up together and hosting their first passport fair, which they have named ‘Passport Palooza’. This initiative will help the families residing in coastal Delaware area in getting their US passports more easily. According to Mike Behringer, adults who are applying for the first time for their passports and all children will be able to apply early for passport. Through this initiative, they will be able to avoid the rush, which is quite common during the summer and spring travel season.

This community event will be hosted at The South Coastal Public Library on Wednesday 16th January, 2019. The event will be hosted from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm. The library can be reached at 43, Kent Avenue at Bethany Beach. There is no need of any kind of appointment for processing applications at this event. The only limitation is that only first time applicants and children will be entertained. Form DS-11 has to be submitted in this regard.

Passport renewal is also a matter of grave concern for many people. However, for renewing existing passports, one has to do the same by mail. Form DS-82 has to be used for the same. It is also possible to renew passport online. Whatever be the way of renewal, it is recommended to get the passport renewed before six months of the expiration date.

Apart from knowing how to get a passport and how to renew expired passport, there are some important things that one must know when it comes to US passports. This is important for US citizens, who are planning to travel abroad in 2019:

  • Millions of passports are expected to expire in this year, just like the previous year. Thus, there is expected to be a huge rush for renewing passports. This happened because in 2007, a law was passed in US which needed the citizens to have a passport for traveling to countries like Mexico, Bermuda, the Caribbean and Canada. This surge in passport renewals will definitely cause delays in processing passports. A passport renewal might take 6 weeks now.
  • Make sure that you check the expiry date of the passport. For entering many countries and for obtaining visa, a validity of 6 months in the passport is mandatory. Visa might be denied or entry might be restricted if the passport does not have 6 months validity.
  • Adding to the woes of the passport application are travelers who have state drivers’ licenses, which do not meet criteria of the REAL ID Act. While some states abide by the act, some don’t follow the same.

At the ‘Passport Palooza’, people can apply for the passport book, which enables global traveling or the passport card, which can only be used for sea and land travel between the USA and Mexico, Bermuda, Canada and the Caribbean.

The fee required for the processing is as follows:

  • For 16 years old and over – $30 for passport card, $110 for passport book
  • For below 16 years – $15 for passport card, $80 for passport book

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