Looking for Priority Pass Membership Programme? How About Joining a Frequent Flyer Program with a Co-brand Credit Card

Looking to join the elite “Priority Pass” program to gain access to airport lounges across the country and world? But, not sure, if it’s worth your time and effort (especially if you aren’t a frequent flyer?) How about joining a frequent flyer program that gives you complimentary membership to “Priority Pass” apart from a host of other benefits? Find out more.

Priority Pass Membership allows you access to more than 1200 airport lounges across the world for an annual and a visit fee (as and when applicable). For flyers, this is a great way to relax and unwind while waiting for boarding their flights. From free drinks to buffet meals, you can have the best experience as you wait for your boarding announcement. For many travellers, this is a great incentive to join the program. However, how about enjoying a host of other benefits with the help of a Frequent flyer program and a co-brand credit card.

Take a look at the top five advantages of enrolling for a co-brand credit card of a frequent flyer program.

  1. Easy Check-In

No one loves to stand in a long line, especially with luggage and cranky kids in tow. One of the biggest benefits of frequent flier programs is that they usually have special check-in counters just for members of their programme.

This counter has significantly shorter lines, helping you enjoy a smooth check-in, without having to spend hours waiting to get your boarding pass.

And, isn’t that a sweet and hassle-free way to begin your travel?

  1. Enjoy Special Amenities On-Board

Don’t have enough miles to redeem for a reward flight? Worry not; most airlines let you redeem your accumulated air miles for several amenities on board like – extra bags, in-flight drinks/meals, free seat selection, upgrades (yep, you can move from coach class to business class with your miles) and more.

So, if you don’t have enough miles to redeem for a reward flight, make sure to check out other ways to make the most use of your accumulated miles.

  1. Use your Miles for Experiences, Dining, Shopping, Stays and More

Most airlines let you redeem your miles in several ways. Apart from using them on reward flights, you can spend them in a ton other ways like – booking hotel stays, enjoying special meals at partner restaurants, shopping at partner outlets, reserving a special experience at your destination and more.

Make sure to go through the ways to redeem miles at your preferred frequent flier program to get a list of the other incredible options.

  1. Plenty of Ways to Earn Air Miles without Flying

By being a part of a frequent flier programme, you can earn miles in several other ways. For instance, by using an airline co-branded credit card, you can earn air miles every time you swipe the card at merchant outlets, for online transactions, fuel and more.

This way, your miles get accumulated quickly without you flying frequently. Once you have earned sufficient miles, you can then redeem it for reward flights or other deals.

  1. Last but Not the Least – Lounge Access

There’s no denying that air travel is tiring. No one loves to stay cramped with hundreds of other passengers in close quarters. The best way to soothe your tired bones is to enjoy a few hours of relaxation at airport lounges.

Airport lounges are the best way to relax in-between connections or to freshen up on arrival. By being part of the Priority Pass Membership of an airline, you get complimentary access to airline lounges. Not all but some co-branded credit cards of these loyalty programs give you access to this elite membership.

Final Thoughts

Being part of an airline frequent flier programme is indeed a great way to open the doors to an exciting world of deals, discounts and amazing perks apart from gaining access to airport lounges around the world. Make sure to check out the benefits offered by different frequent flier programs and also the no of free visits allowed in a year.

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