Historic Mississippi

Mississippi is loaded with rich history, diversity, and culture, and it’s proud of it, too. There are conservation efforts across the state to preserve sites, buildings, and structures so they’re well-maintained for future generations to appreciate. In short, Mississippi is a history buff’s dream come true. From monuments to the epic battles of the Civil War to museums full of mementos to days long past, there are hundreds of reasons to explore the vibrant history of the Magnolia State.

Civil War Sites

Mississippi was host to numerous battles throughout the American Civil War, including the Siege of Vicksburg which was often seen as the war’s turning point. Other important battles included the Battle of Meridian and the Battles of Corinth. For the Civil War aficionado, there’s no shortage of important battle sites to visit.

One of the most exciting sites is the Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center, which is located near Battery Robinett. Here, you can see views of the miles and miles of trenches dug in the war as well as the positioning of the artillery units that the Confederate Army used to hold back the Union troops’ advances. The center is also full of engaging and interactive exhibits as well as multimedia presentations to provide a more kinetic museum experience for visitors.

Another major draw is the Tupelo National Battlefield marking the site where Union forces overcame the troops of the Confederacy and held them back from Union railroads which were key occupation points. It’s also a quick drive away from both the Brices Cross Roads National Battlefield Site and the Shiloh National Military Park, making it a great way for travelers to load up their day with Civil War history.

Rural Exploration

Some of the most delightful secrets of Mississippi’s history are hidden in the many small towns just off the beaten path. These rural gems are found throughout the expanse of the state and are often so small that if you blink you’ll miss them. However, these small towns embody the true meaning of Southern charm and are well worth a visit.

Causeyville gives you the distinct impression that you’ve traveled back in time. From the antiquated buildings to the central historic district that’s been recognized by the National Register of Historic Places, there’s an abundance of quaint vistas to behold. A big draw is the Causeyville General Store, which first opened in the 1800s.

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Magic in Mississippi

Mississippi is full of history, excitement, and adventure, especially if you’re willing to venture off the beaten path. From the patriotism of the Civil War battlefields to the living history of the state’s smaller, quieter towns, the Magnolia State is filled to the brim with picturesque views, scenic drives, and a storied past that is visible across every inch of the landscape. It’s the perfect getaway for the history buff, so gas up your car and get ready to explore all Mississippi has to offer.

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