The Nine Best Springtime Outdoor Activities In The UK

The Nine Best Springtime Outdoor Activities In The UK

There are more daylight hours now that spring has arrived. Make the most of the extra daylight by using these ideas to feel better in body and mind by immersing yourself in exhilarating outdoor activities.

1. Try your hand at outdoor photography

Because of the soft, photo-friendly light, photographers call the last hour before dusk the golden hour. You can use a golden hour calculator app to figure out when this occurs and then head outside with your camera to take pictures of natural beauty. Photography walking events across the UK are usually free or very inexpensive.

If you want a short break, there are many tours with organized ‘Walking With Your Camera’ trips that teach you the fundamentals of photography while enjoying British landscapes. 

2. Take a regular walk in the evening

Spend an evening walking with friends, and take advantage of the lighter evenings. Consider scheduling a weekly walk with your neighbour or a friend who lives nearby.  When group walks are allowed again, why not join a walking group to meet new people? Get connected with a walking programme for people who want to become more active.

3. Find out more about the wildlife around you

Spring is the season when many animals and birds can be seen (or heard). You can watch owls more easily in the evenings when it is lighter. Try counting or naming the insects, birds and flowers you see when you’re out and about. In addition to listening for birds, you can also try to identify which species are in your area.

4. Bring your creativity to life

Try sketching the view from your garden, balcony, or your local park if you’re in the mood for a spring drawing. Spring is a great time of year to draw.

Making homemade art with your children and grandchildren can provide you with a collection of treasured memories for generations to come. While writing poetry may be challenging, you could try writing poetry based on what you see in the world.

5. Visit your local park and make the most of it

Because we have the ability to exercise outside and outdoor restrictions are easing up, why not take your friends and family for a lunchtime walk? It would be great to have a picnic after a game of bat and ball, Frisbee or short cricket if the weather allows.

6. Plant a garden – whether it’s at home or in the community

Many summer flowers can be planted in the spring, as well as summer-flowering bulbs. Besides pruning shrubs and weeding, if you have a lawn, you should mow it. Getting your hands dirty doesn’t require you to have a garden or allotment; instead, find a community gardening organization near you and find out when they’ll open up again. 

7. Take your bike for a ride

You will also save money on transportation when you engage in an aerobic activity like cycling. It’s no secret that people have discovered the joy of cycling. If you don’t already have a bike, you can either buy an inexpensive second-hand one or get a tax-free one through the Cycle to Work program.

8. Make housework a workout

Spring cleaning burns calories and increases the heart rate. Vacuuming, for instance, burns about 250 calories in an hour. Dull windows are more noticeable on bright days and in the evening, so this is a good time to clean them if you can do so safely.  

9. Make a spring cleaning list

Take advantage of the spring cleaning season to reduce clutter while raising funds for research, too. There is always the option of donating things that you don’t need. If you have items that are in good condition, it would be a great initiative to donate this spring.


Make this spring a productive and excitement-filled time. These springtime activities will keep you occupied as well as help you improve your lifestyle. Whether it is clearing the clutter in your house, taking up a new activity or engaging in a nature walk, it is healthy for your mind and body. For a more comprehensive list of outdoor activities that you can do in the UK, try the experiences offered by Beyonk.

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