First time renting boats? Know the following things

First time renting boats? Know the following things

There are numerous coasts all over the globe where you can rent a boat and sail into the sea. Among the popular destinations for boating lovers, you will often find Croatia named by many individuals. It is a great point for those of you that want to enjoy rich boating experience and you can easily acquire yacht charter in Croatia.

But before you finalize the deal and head into the sea, there are a few things that you should know. These are extremely helpful if you are renting the boat for the first time as it can save you both time and money.

Search for rental companies and businesses

Start by searching for the rental companies. Take a look at different service providers and see what they have to offer to people. Platforms like Zizoo are very helpful in connecting the individuals who are looking to rent a boat with people that are providing the relevant services. Regardless of who you are and what coast you want to go boating, you are likely to find a suitable option to facilitate your trip.

Check the reviews

Consider the reviews of the boat / company that you are about to choose. The reviews can reveal critical insight to the boat, things that are not told to you but can only be experienced once you are on it. If there are any flaws with the vessel or there is any issue with the company, things will be uncovered and then you can base your decision on the critical insight provided to you via reviews. Good companies and service providers will have majority of their reviews rated positive.

Consider your preference and pricing

The pricing is critical and it is directly associated with your preference. Take a look at the type of boat you wish to consider. There are numerous sorts of boats that you can acquire for your trip. From the sailboats to the catamarans to monohull, motorboats, speedboats, and the luxury yachts with crew at your disposal, everything is available to you. However, you got to take care of capacity, condition of the boat, and other details as your preferences will set up the price tag. Consider at least two to three different boats that can be rented and then choose the one that gives best value for price.

Licenses and regulations are critical

Operating a boat requires a license and fishing would ask you for a relevant permit too. So, when you are about to leave on a boating trip, you have to consider these two things before you set out on a boating trip. If you are missing the operational license, you need to hire a captain that can accompany you on your way out in the sea. Usually, when you will rent a boat, the captain will be offered to you as a choice that you can consider or leave. Similarly, if you are to do some fishing, you will be in need of a fishing license. Else, the activity might be considered illegal. Therefore, consider the regulations and abide by the rules to be sure that you don’t end up in any trouble.

Is this boat insured?

Boating trips in the sea can be a daunting task and the coastal weather can change any time. Therefore, when it is you who is taking the boat on a trip all alone, or with your friends and family being the captain yourself, you should consider the insurance. One should always ask if the boat is insured and it is better to get one that has this area covered. While it might be a bit costly as compared to the non-insured ones, this is still a safer way to go. Else, a damaged boat can cost you some serious money for repair.

Rental check is must

Don’t just blindly believe on what is being told to you and make sure that you perform a rental check before finalizing your boat. There are times when you will find scratches and dents on the hull. In other instances, a damaged motor or propeller can be an issue. Moreover, don’t forget to consider the seat stains, windshield cracks, and fittings that are either loose, broken, or missing. Inspection is necessary or else the owner may ask you to pay for the things that were never damaged due to you fault. Thus, be sure to thoroughly inspect the boat for any flaws or errors.

Safety equipment can be crucial

Some boats will come with the safety equipment while for others you might have to hire it separately. Therefore, it is important for you to ask the lender if there is safety equipment present in the boat. Get a good look at the life jackets as they can seriously be life savers. Don’t overlook the power of safety equipment. The weather can turn any time at the coast and unexpected things do happen, although it is very rare. Still, better be safe than sorry.

Sign rental agreement

Usually, you will be asked to sign a rental agreement but before you put up your signatures get a good look at the different clauses in the agreement. Take a look at the travel distance and be sure that there is no limitation on how far you can go into the sea unless you are okay with limitation being set. Moreover, the minor wear and tear might be overlooked but if you come back with some serious damage i.e. issues with captain’s seat or a broken propeller, you will be asked to pay for it. Also, there can be timing restrictions regarding return of the boat.

Final words

So, these are the things that you have to consider when you go for a yacht charter in Croatia. Be sure to take the little additional headache of doing checks and give yourself some time to see the details. Else, you might end up in some serious trouble. Never overlook the safety equipment and go through the rental agreement thoroughly before you sign.

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