Buy Air France Flying Blue Miles and Save Money on Flying

Buy Air France Flying Blue Miles and Save Money on Flying

Do you prefer to fly on Air France planes? For regular customers, the airline has introduced a loyalty program called Flying Blue. Miles are credited for each ticket purchased, which can be spent on discounts when purchasing air tickets. If you have enough miles accumulated, you can pay in full for tickets for a trip or a business flight. Take advantage of the special service offer, buy Air France Flying Blue miles. It is fast, convenient, and profitable. See for yourself!

Why Buy Miles?

You can pay in full for your accumulated Flying Blue loyalty miles on flights within or outside Europe. For example, a flight from New York to Paris and back costs about $2,900. You need approximately 110,000 miles to pay for these tickets. You will need to save them up for a long time and spend more than $25,000 on Air France tickets at all times. But many people already have a few thousand or tens of thousands of miles. In order not to wait for a long time to accumulate the required number of miles, you can buy them at a discount right now and fully pay for the tickets for your travel.

You will save about 10-20% on the cost of one business class ticket to Air France if you purchase miles and pay for your tickets online. You should agree that this is a very advantageous offer.

How to Buy Air France Miles

Please note that when buying tickets with payment by miles, the cost already includes baggage carriage. It allows you to save an additional budget for the flight. 

You can buy miles under the Flying Blue loyalty program much cheaper than their nominal value. Regular promotions and discounts when buying in bulk can save you money. Remember that you can buy a maximum of 75000 miles for Ivory or Silver club cardholders and 100000 miles for Gold and Platinum cardholders in one year. It is enough to fly in or out of the continent in business class. Keep an eye on promotions and deals to earn more miles for less.

Miles is the internal currency of Air France, with which you can not only buy tickets but also pay for nights in hotels and buy tickets of higher class and even rent a car. You can also spend miles to pay for the services of partner airlines: Delta, KLM, AeroMexico, Thaï, Alitalia.

Purchased miles do not burn, even if they are not used for some time. So you can wait for the promotional offer and buy points advantageously so that you can go on a trip with your family or fly to another country for business purposes.

You will not officially buy miles on the loyalty program website, as such service is not available. For this purpose, you can use a special service with great discounts. Tens of thousands of miles are sold at a price below its nominal value, saving on flights hundreds of dollars per year.

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