Best Cities Near the Pacific Ocean for Water Activities

Best Cities Near the Pacific Ocean for Water Activities

We’re only one month away from spring’s arrival, but some of us are lucky enough to not have to wait another month to be able to enjoy warm weather in our home towns. If you have some vacation time coming up soon and want to spend your break relaxing in the water under the sun, then we recommend visiting major cities along the Pacific Ocean.

The water-based activities in these town come in different forms, from options that provide more of a thrill to those that allow you to enjoy cool water under the sun. Here are the best cities near the Pacific Ocean for water activities so that you can enjoy cool water and the warmth of the sun at the same time.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

When it comes to finding a way to ride the water on different levels in a place that is a site for shore eyes, very few cities can get the job done like Cannon Beach, Oregon. This spot has pleasant waters at Arcadia Beach for those who want to go kayaking or paddleboarding on easy water, as well as fish with friends or family and make a catch big enough to show off on your phone to everyone back at home.

This area is also full of rock formations along the ocean for those who want to be a little more daring and do some cliff diving. Cannon Beach is also known as a small beach town, with shops lined up along the beach so that you have plenty of options of souvenirs to take home and remember the trip by.

Oahu, Hawaii

Surfing the biggest waves in town and performing the kind of tricks you see in movies like “Point Break” may be on your list of priorities. In this case we recommend spending your vacation in Oahu, Hawaii, which is full of spots that provide custom surfing lessons for people of different skill ranges. This works if you are traveling with friends and each person is on a different level, as everyone will be able to pick it up and have fun.

Among the most popular beaches in Oahu is Kailua Beach, which is full of rentals for kayaking or paddleboarding if you want to take a break from riding the waves. Several small islands by the beach are good spots for short hikes and cliff diving, and you can do some snorkeling and be lucky enough to come across some fish, turtles, stingrays, dolphins and other sea creatures.

San Diego, California

There aren’t a lot of cities on the west coast of the United States that can provide amazing views of the sun setting over the ocean like San Diego, California can. When you’re not hiking along La Jolla Beach or Potato Chip Rock, you can get a deeper view up close by paddleboarding or surfing the gentle waves on the water. This is also a great city for those who want to take a boat out and spend an afternoon under the sun catching some fish.

If you want the absolute biggest view of the ocean, then we recommend finding parasailing ride services. This is an experience that is exciting because of the height options you’ll have and relaxing because of the breeze and views. Hydrobikes and hydro jet packs are also available in San Diego in case you want to take your water games to the next level.

San Juan Islands, Washington

We’re going to move back up north with our next option, which is the San Juan Islands in Washington, an area that combines the best of nature’s land and ocean. When you’re not hiking along the rocks of the many islands that are situated very close to each other, you can do some killer whale watching with experts of the mammals who can show you how they interact with each other and people who pass by.

Those who are searching for calmer waters to have fun on will be treated with a variety of kayak and paddleboard rentals so that you can compete with friends and family for some friendly races. Fishing is another popular activity at the San Juan Islands, so be sure to bring a camera or update your phone to take awesome pictures of your catches.

Santa Monica, California

In case you’ve already got a vacation planned for Los Angeles, California so that you can tour the Walk of Fame and other popular parties in the city area, we advise spending a day or two on the beach of Santa Monica. This spot has all of the popular water games available for locals and tourists, whether you want to take your team floating on the water with a kayak or show off new surfing tricks to your friends in the big waves.

Santa Monica Pier is not only popular for the amusement park rides fit for people of all ages, but also the fishing spots at the end of the dock, which has served as a reliable location for catching fish of all sizes. The ferris wheel and roller coaster on the pier offer great views of the sunset over the ocean, which are more enjoyable when you’re enjoying the pier’s amazing snacks.

Consider these cities so that you can enjoy the best water activities the Pacific Ocean has to offer.

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