Benefits of the e-visa

Having to wait in long queues at the embassy is an to be able to get your visa is an old story now.

With the launching of the official eVisa, we provide a user-friendly and time -saving online platform that helps eligible travelers visiting Tanzania in obtaining their required documents.

Applicants just have to fill the application form online where they will be asked to insert their passport details, upload a passport size photo, the copy of their passport and their return ticket.

Moreover, since passport and vital documents are being conveyed to us, we ensure with certainty the protection of data for not disclosing the personal information of our customers according to the data protection act.

Finally, applicants will require to have a valid credit/debit card to process the payment online.

Henceforth, our evisatanzania team will do a follow-up and provide 24/7 assistance to applicants who have questions or issues on acquiring their e-visa Tanzania.

However, it will be the consulate of Tanzania that will give the approval of your e-visa. After getting the approval our team will contact and successfully deliver your e-visa by email.

Thereby, you can schedule a journey to your dream destination without having any issues with authorities.

For any question, our team is always ready to provide support.

Please do not forget that this website is for applying for your Tanzania Evisa and to apply for your Kenya Evisa please visit

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