Become a canadian through the PR visa Canada

PR visa Canada depends on how suitable you are for the economic needs of his country. The candidates are selected based on their requirements in Canada.

The Canadian government is selective in giving the PR visa Canada and only awards the PR visa Canada based on the need for your profession. All the professions in demand here have been segregated here into different NOC codes.

The NOC codes for the PR visa Canada are divided into 4 categories of 0, A, B and C. The “0” category of professions refer to those who are in the “management” level of jobs. This category of jobs refers to those who have been working as restaurant managers.

Skill level “A” category of jobs for the PR visa Canada refers to those who are highly educated and working as professionals such as Doctors and Architects. The skill level B does not require someone with specialized education, but specific skills, such as plumbers and chefs. For these jobs, licensing from Canada is mandatory. The “C” category of jobs refers to those who carry menial jobs such as truck drivers. So, depending on the demand for your kind of labor, the Canada government decides to provide you with the PR visa Canada.

Immigration Canada permanent resident hence is only possible once you have experience in either one of these job categories or a license which is needed for B and C categories of jobs. On the other hand those applying for the PR visa Canada as per the A category of jobs require a degree from a university. So, getting the PR visa Canada, depends on your experience and how well you are able to showcase, your experience in regards to any of these job categories. That’s why some of the immigration Canada permanent resident applications(for Express Entry program) are rejected because their experience does not match with any kind of job profiles which are included in occupation lists, 0, A, C or B. So, when you come to a consultancy like Nile Migration, we help you understand how valid and relevant is your experience when it comes to these job profiles and you are able to get the immigration Canada permanent resident visa easily.

Apart from handling Express Entry applications, the exclusivity of our services for the PR visa Canada lies in terms of coverage for the PNP programs given by us. So, that’s how, we provide our client’s adequate guidance about how to, get the PR visa Canada as per the requirements which have been imposed by distinct provinces for PNPs.

Requirements for the PR visa Canada of different provinces

For example, the Prince Edward Island recognizes those who have a long-term job offer from this province. The time limit of validity of this job offer should not be less than 2 years. That’s how one can gain the PR visa Canada in the Prince Edward Island. To get the PR visa Canada, the candidate should have a 2 years degree or diploma pursued after the 12th standard.

Nile Migration has attained an inevitable expertise in filing and gaining the immigration Canada permanent resident status both through the PNP and the express entry programs.

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