7 Road Trip Activities That You Have to Try

7 Road Trip Activities That You Have to Try

With road trips still popular in 2020 and showing no sign of slowing down, they can be the perfect travel activity. They’re versatile, fun, and you can take them with whoever you want!

The only thing that can put people off a road trip is the long stretch of time driving before a destination is reached. Never fear, though. There are plenty of road trip activities that can make that portion of the journey not only bearable, but downright fun!

If you’ve been wondering what to do on a road trip, here’s everything that will make it the time of your life.

1. Stock up on Car-Friendly Activities

You’re going to want some car-friendly activities, particularly if your road trip is a long one.

Tablets with movies on them, podcasts, and audiobooks can all be great resources. Get together with the people you’re planning a road trip with and discuss what they like.

Would you rather watch a rom-com on the road, or listen to a true-crime podcast? You can always trade off if you have different ideas about what’s best!

The most important thing is to ensure you have plenty to keep you from getting bored.

2. Plan the Scenic Route

The shortest route might be your go-to when planning out your road trip itinerary, but it isn’t always the best.

The United States has no shortage of amazing sights and things to do. When planning your journey, look into routes that are longer.

You never know — by taking the shortest route, you might be missing out on some awesome places to stop on a road trip. From amazing places like the Grand Canyon to smaller but no less beautiful spots, it’s good to do some research when deciding the roads you’re going to take!

3. Look up Places to Stop

It doesn’t have to be drive-by sights that will make your journey worth it. Look up places to stop too!

Your final destination may be the place you’re looking forward to most, but you’re bound to pass some other wonders, so don’t miss out just because you didn’t research. Every state has some amazing things to do.

Check out things to do in Idaho if you’re passing through there!

4. Get to Know Each Other

If you’re taking a road trip with someone you’re dating or some friends you may not have seen in a while, it’s time to get to know each other. There are many games you can play to make this happen, including intimate quizzes and twenty questions.

The subjects that come up are bound to inspire some deep conversation that will stay with you.

Even if you’re traveling with family you’ve known well your whole life, some of these games can pose hypothetical questions and fun topics you might have never thought to discuss.

After all, you’re never truly done getting to know someone! There’s always more to a person, and a road trip is the perfect way to discover it.

5. Try Local Food

If you’re passing through other states or even just other towns, make sure to check out the local food. There’s food available in other places that you just don’t get in your hometown, whether it’s special local cuisine or just a really good burger from a famous diner.

Look up the places you’re passing through and search for the best food there. Examine restaurant reviews and determine the best places to go.

After all, you won’t be able to fit all of the food in, so pick wisely!

6. Create the Perfect Road Trip Playlist

It’s ideal to start this process before embarking on your road trip, but you can always do most of it at the beginning. Collaborate on a Spotify playlist to go through during the road trip.

After all, you might run out of things to talk about, or get tired for a bit. What better way to revitalize yourself than listen to some music? Jam out to some party songs or listen to something soft and relaxing while you take a nap in the passenger seat.

You can always switch up who picks the music too, so everyone’s kept happy!

7. Discuss Your Next Trip

The best subject to talk about while embarking on a road trip is obviously travel. Presumably if you’re all on this trip together, travel is something you love to do — so why not plan ahead?

Discuss the next road trip you want to take, or different countries you want to visit in the coming years. You can even have someone in a passenger seat look up prices for flights, hotels, and anything else that the trip might cost you.

The time will fly by if you’re discussing your next adventure before the first one is even over. There’s nothing wrong with that!

These Road Trip Activities Will Make It All Fun!

Plan your road trip activities before you even embark on your adventure for the ultimate experience. Being in a car for so many hours doesn’t have to be dull and boring.

Think of some things to do in the car and plan some places to stop off at. Some good food and the occasional outdoor activity will have you completely rejuvenated by the time you sit behind the wheel again.

After all, you might be looking forward to your destination most of all, but the road trip itself is part of the experience. Don’t waste it.

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