5 places you need to take a road trip

5 places you need to take a road trip

Summer is the busiest travel time of the year considering there is no school, families are vacationing and the weather is perfect. Normally when we think of vacations, we think of planes or ships. But there are so many other ways to travel that are actually so much fun and can build very fond memories. One awesome way to travel is by doing a road trip. Now we know what your thinking. You do not want to be stuck in a car with your kids who are screaming “are we  there yet?” But there is actually a much better way to do a road trip. Renting an Rv is going to be a totally different experience compared to your typical “car road trip.” Luxury RVs have become a huge phenomenon. For many reasons. One being the spacious room in the RV. Your kids will have room to play games, you’ll have room to get away and give your self five minutes of peace and quiet. And if you are camping it isn’t your typical pitch a tent and feel dirty and tired all week. Another huge pro about RVs is that you are able to go to more places and by not having to stay in hotels you are going to be saving so much money.

Let’s look at a few places that you should consider loading the family up in your luxury rv and hit the road!

  1. “Glamping” Ever wanted to go camping but do not want to sleep in a tent and have to rough the outdoors? No worries at all getting an rv you can literally do glamorous camping. Your rv will come fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and beds. So you do not have to worry about finding a snake in your tent or a bear trying to enter your camp site. We all need to experience the outdoors but most of us do not want to rough it.
  2. Road trip across America- America has so many beautiful places to visit that it might be impossible to see it all in a lifetime. But we highly recommend that you get the family and take a trip from the west coast to east coast. The number of places you’ll see and the number of memories you and your family and friends will make is unlimited. Plus you get to meet new people are learn about different cultures depending on where you stop.
  3. Historical landmarks- Are you a big history buff? Do you enjoy seeing landmarks where major events took place? Make a list of five landmarks that you want to visit and take a road trip there. You will definitely not regret doing this. Again life is all about fun and memories so make the best of it!
  4. The golden coast- California is one of the most scenic places on earth. Many people how done the trip where the drive the entire california coast. Not only is this beautiful but also historical. There are so many stops on the way that you are going to want to see. We recommend taking at least 2 weeks off and do this trip.
  5. The Grand Canyon- The Grand Canyon has been a road trip favorite ever since the begging of road trip time. You can even go camping. The grand canyon provides extremely exceptional views and is very picturesque. You are definitely going to want to document this trip.

We know that the thought of a road trip could be overwhelming but we ask that you keep an open mind and consider taking a road trip. Life is all about memories so make the best of them!

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