5 Things to Do During a Winter Vacation in Minnesota

5 Things to Do During a Winter Vacation in Minnesota

While so many people travel south for a winter vacation, there actually are people who enjoy taking a winter vacation where there is plenty to do in a world covered in snow. Although you can get mighty cold out and about on a snowy day, those cabin rentals MN is famous for are a place to warm up by the fire, preferably a bonfire outdoors where you can roast S’mores, but any fire will do as long as the lodge you rent is warm and inviting. Are you wondering just what you can do during a winter vacation in Minnesota if skiing isn’t your thing? Consider the following.

1. Snowmobiling

If you have a snowmobile, great! But, if not, there are plenty of places to rent one for the duration of your vacation, and this is something you really might want to consider. Those who are not athletic find this is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors if they don’t have the ability or skills needed to ice skate, ski or snowshoe the trails.

2. Snowshoeing

Speaking of snowshoeing, many visitors to MN in the winter start out renting a pair for their vacation but find that they had so much fun it’s time to invest in snowshoes of their own. These are not outrageously priced and, of course, nowhere near as expensive as a snowmobile. Want to do a bit of hiking on snow? These are absolutely perfect for winters in Minnesota.

3. Cross-country Skiing

Like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing is a way to get on skis without the need for the downhill gravity of mountains to propel you. You really can ski on level ground, and like snowshoes, skis are affordable,so you could buy and bring your own. Yes, some professional grade skis can be quite costly, but if you are only going to use them a couple times a year, moderately priced skies are available throughout the northern states or online.

4. Ice Fishing

Are you an avid fisherman (or woman!) in the summertime? Why not try your hand at ice fishing in the winter? However, be aware of the fact that ice on lakes, ponds, and rivers can be misleading and you could easily fall in unexpectedly. Check out videos and other instructions for beginners before you attempt putting your weight on and drilling holes in the ice.

5. Dog Sledding

No, you don’t have a pack of dogs to bring along on vacation and you certainly don’t have the right kind of sled. Even so, many areas throughout Minnesota have dog sled rentals, which you can book in advance if you’ve solidified your travel plans. You may need to drive to a neighboring town, but it’s going to be well worth the drive for an activity you’re really going to appreciate.

Just don’t forget to bring along a smartphone or a digital camera so that you can photo journal your winter vacation in Minnesota. Friends and family back home will delight in seeing you slip around on those snow shoes or pull a fish out of a seemingly frozen solid lake. Dress warmly, drink plenty of hot cocoa, and enjoy those pristine white days in the snow. Looking for winter adventure? Minnesota is where it’s at!

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