5 Things Everyone Should Do When Visiting Singapore

5 Things Everyone Should Do When Visiting Singapore

Are you thinking of making your next travel destination Singapore?

Singapore is a beautiful place to visit and has many obvious and hidden gems. It boasts a diverse and beautiful culture as well as wonderful ocean fronts and places for relaxation.

No matter if you’re going for a business trip or to unwind, you’re probably wondering what you can do when you’re visiting Singapore.

We love Singapore, and think you’ve made a wonderful choice. Keep reading to learn the 5 best things to do in Singapore!

1. Attend the Garden Rhapsody Show

Do you love seeing spectacular urban light shows? Are you looking for the perfect spot to take a date or just enjoy the night when traveling to Singapore?

Located along Marina Bay, these “trees,” which are really artificial structures that have tree-like trunks and tops that spread out, are a gorgeous addition to any trip. They’re in the Gardens by the Bay, where visitors can enjoy gorgeous flower arrangements and outdoor spaces.

At night, the Garden Rhapsody Show begins, during which music plays and the trees light up, in sync with the rhythm.

2. Singapore Botanic Gardens

If you love plants, Singapore couldn’t be a better place for you to visit!

Should you want to enjoy some lovely floral arrangements, visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens. At the gardens, you can take a stroll through the different trails or enjoy volunteer-guided tours.

If you happen to be going in December 2020 or January 2021, you should try to visit the Trees of the World event, in which the gardens feature different Christmas trees from around the globe and raise money.

3. Visiting Singapore and Eating Street Food

If there’s one thing visitors must eat while visiting Singapore, it’s the street food.

Singapore is known for its vast array of cheap and scrumptious food, often available from vendors on the street. Enjoy the signature Hainanese Chicken Rice, or choose from more than 100 different vendors at Maxwell Road Food Center.

No matter what your personal tastes include, Singapore is bound to have something for you!

4. Escape Rooms

Do you love strategizing and thinking outside of the box?

If so, then you’ll love Singapore’s escape rooms! Choose from a variety of different themes, and you and your party will be put in a room and have to find your way out before the time is up!

Concerned about COVID-19? Singapore also has a great virtual escape room for you to enjoy!

5. Visit the Skypark Observation Deck

Easily one of the most iconic images of the Singapore skyline, this deck allows visitors to take in sweeping views of Singapore.

For those who love fine dining, the top also features restaurants and a bar. This makes it the perfect destination for relaxing and having a good time.

Ready to Start Visiting Singapore?

Have you decided on visiting Singapore?

If so, you have a fantastic trip ahead of you. This beautiful city holds many attractions for tourists and those on business travels alike. No matter what your interests are, you’re bound to fall in love with this wonderful place!

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