3 Reasons you would not consider to spend a few days on Lake Como

3 Reasons you would not consider to spend a few days on Lake Como

Few know how to resist the charm exerted by Lake Como, but not everyone knows that there are much more hidden and profound reasons to treat yourself to a holiday here on the lake. Certainly there is to say that the location offers things with a broad spectrum, and for this reason, what is needed is to go beyond appearances and rediscover the charm of the Como shores.

The beauty of the Como villas 

The villas around Como and on the lake are really many, one more beautiful than the other, one with a more spectacular view than the other. They are proof of how much Lake Como has been loved and chosen as a place of the heart over the centuries. Maybe, where to live crazy and secret loves. Like the one between Ippolito Nievo and Bice Melzi d’Eril, consumed among the plants of the garden of Villa Melzi d’Eril. They all have the right to be seen at least once in their lives, because each of them has a beautiful story inside. For example, there is the ancient Villa Pliniana, which houses the source described by the two Pliny, the Young and the Old. The elegance of Villa Erba is also unforgettable, where the master Luchino Visconti spent the summers of his youth.

What about Villa del Balbianello in Lenno, often chosen as the setting for films of the caliber of Star Wars – Epidose II and 007 Casino Royale. Then there is the versatile Villa Monastero in Varenna and the beautiful Villa Carlotta, loved by Stendhal and Gustave Flaubert, which houses an important collection of works of art, including Canova and Hayez.

The wines and their flavor 

In addition, a few kilometers from Como there is a place like Colico, which is often visited by tourists on an excursion. The excursion is appropriate because it is an area that boasts a cellar or a tasting of local wines, to admire the landscape shaped by man with the terraces. In short, it never leaves the history of Valtellina disappointed from an oenological point of view. Thus you can have very tasty wines such as Valtellina Superiore, Inferno, Grumello, Sassella, Sforzato.

In short, if you like to drink and you want to visit the wonderful villas of Como, you just have to book a holiday at Lake Como Villa Rental. It is one of the best structures on the Como shore, which has to offer among the most efficient services in the area. Here customers feel at home, they have nothing to envy from domestic comforts, but rather leave their hearts in a hotel so splendid and worthy of mention.

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