Wonderful Indonesia: A Heavenly Wonder with Cultural Warmth

Wonderful Indonesia: A Heavenly Wonder with Cultural Warmth

With the Wonderful Indonesia logo as a global tourism marketing brand, Indonesia is indeed amazing. This branding represents all islands and cities in Indonesia from Aceh, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Makassar to Balikpapan Indonesia and others.

All including the islands, from Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi to Papua. Also small islands such as Bali, Lombok, Madura to Indonesia’s Bangka Island. With each amazing tourism potential presented under the Wonderful Indonesia brand.

  • A Wonder of Heaven and Culture

Wonderful Indonesia showcases the beauty of nature, culture, the history of city life (modern urban), food and the warmth of its citizens. Therefore, the Wonderful Indonesia logo depicts a bird’s silhouette which other than being the most abundant species in Indonesia also means freedom.

The colorful bird’s silhouette also has various meanings such as nature, culture, modernity, adventure to culinary tourism. These are all heavenly wonders wrapped in the friendliness of the people. This friendliness, mutual cooperation and warmth are playing an important part in the promotion of Indonesian tourism.

Indonesia has everything. Every inch of it offers tourism potential that is worth exploring. This is the main material for promoting Indonesian tourism to foreign tourists. This promotional material is then packaged with a dramatic tourism video that has won various awards.

  • Heavenly Miracle

We can see this heavenly wonder from its natural attractions. Indonesia has dramatic exotic beaches spread all over from Aceh to Papua. Not to mention, Indonesia also has mountains with extraordinary views. The panorama of mountains in Indonesia is well-known in the world, including volcanoes with an active status.

Some of the famous mountains are Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta, Rinjani, Bromo, Puncak Jaya and many more. Tourists can explore these mountains through climbing or hiking. This is included in the category of adventure tourism that, of course, requires stamina, experience, physical and mental readiness of the tourists.

Not only beaches and mountains, but also tropical forests, waterfalls, rivers and many more natural attractions in Indonesia. It is natural that Indonesia is branded as Wonderful Indonesia because its nature is so beautiful like drops of heaven’s beauty on earth.

  • Cultural Diversity

Indonesia consists of several islands with various tribes, languages ​​and cultures. So that wherever tourists visit, they will find different cultures from one place to another. These cultures are closely related to the life of the Indonesian people.

Indonesia’s Culture often gets attention from foreign tourists who come to Indonesia. They usually come intentionally to see certain cultural celebrations. In addition to celebrations, this culture can also be seen from people’s daily lives such as warmth and friendliness.

Wonderful Indonesia indeed represents all the tourism potential in Indonesia. Of course, the government and the community needs to collaborate and work hard to meet the title. That way, Indonesia’s tourism potential will be well preserved as a legacy for the next generation.

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