Whatever You Do, Don't Forget These: The Top 3 Packing Essentials for Travel

Whatever You Do, Don’t Forget These: The Top 3 Packing Essentials for Travel

2019 was a fantastic year for travel of all kinds—business, leisure, and international.

Traveler spending totaled an astonishing $1.1 trillion. It also contributed to $2.6 trillion in economic output and jobs for 15.8 million Americans. All of these are fantastic reasons to travel, and that’s not even including the adventure, the culture, and the experience that comes with it!

But, before you decide to leave on a jet plane, make sure you’ve got your packing essentials. These items will ensure your trip is fun, safe, and seamless, rather than a disaster that has you begging for a return flight home.

Open up your suitcase and keep reading.

1. A Unique Suitcase

The reason we say ‘unique’ is because, unfortunately, lost baggage does happen. Or, you may arrive somewhere and notice that every single piece of luggage on the tram looks like yours.

Forgo the confusion or the waiting and buy a suitcase that stands out. Perhaps that means it’s leopard print, or maybe it’s neon yellow. If you already have a suitcase, and it’s pretty mass-produced, put something identifying on its handle like a bow or a bright pink luggage tag.

When you arrive at your location, you can drop your suitcase off at bag storage and forget about it until the return trip!

2. Undergarments to Cover Your Entire Stay

In a pinch, t-shirts, pants, and jackets can be reworn. But no one wants to get stuck turning their underwear inside-out for a second use!

You never know what could happen. You could spill coffee on your pants, soaking your entire outfit. You could get sweaty and have to change multiple times. So, if these things happen, you’ll want to breathe easy knowing you’ve got a stocked-up suitcase full of undergarments.

Pack enough for every day of your trip, and then 2-3 extras, just in case.

3. Cash, Cards, ID, and Other Identifying Info

Hands down, these items are going to be absolutely necessary for your trip, no matter how long it is or how far away.

Cash is fantastic for quick items or places that don’t accept cards—and what if your bank notices you’re in a new place and considers it fraud, shutting down your card? You don’t want to be stuck with nothing.

Cards are great for bigger purchases. Maybe your flight gets canceled, and you have to purchase a new ticket. In that case, you’ll need more than a few twenties in your wallet.

Finally, anything identifying is also pertinent. That could mean an ID, a passport, or just a driver’s license, depending on your age. Not only does this get you to where you need to go, but it can be an identifier in case anything happens to you (which it likely won’t—but it’s best to be prepared!).

Do You Have These Packing Essentials at the Ready?

Whether it’s business or pleasure, no good trip will be a breeze unless you’re packed correctly. Forget the wrong thing, and your entire trip could be an epic bust, or worst.

So, before you sail, fly, drive, or ride to your new travel destination, make sure you’ve got these packing essentials with you. You can thank us later!

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