What is Limousine? Origin of Limousine word

What is Limousine? Origin of Limousine word

A Washington DC limousine (also called a limo) is a luxury extended automobile driven by a chauffeur having separation between the driving force and passenger compartment.

The word “limousine” first used in France which means a “long shepherd’s mantle” or a “cloak”. A Washington DC limousine was an automobile in which rear passengers were fully covered under the roof. It was developed by “Charles Jeantaud”.

  • Characteristics of Washington DC Limousine:

A limousine attracts the persons because of it’s unique characteristics. It has number of features which are adorable.

  1. It has a separation between the driving force and passenger which is the one of the unique quality in it.
  2. Availability of intercom system.
  3. It is long wheel based vehicle to provide a suitable passenger compartment. It easily passes over the jumpy areas without disturbing it’s passengers inside.
  4. It serves more passengers than the other normal cars having some extra facilities in the rear passenger compartment. 
  • Services of Washington DC Limousine:

There are couple of services of Washington DC Limousine which allures it’s users.

  1. Airport Services:

DC limousine serves the greater Washington DC metropolitan area, including the airports. They provide a congenial and pleasant rides to it’s customers at the fraction of cost by providing great offers and professional drivers

Well founded Washington Airport Car Service:

Dealing with taxis is always unreliable and someone end up waiting for the vehicle which is frustrating so this can be avoided by just hiring our car service by booking in advance.

Ø Shared Services:

<a href=”https://www.limoindc.com/”>Washington DC limousine</a> provides the corporate service to it’s customers by showing some professionalism at a very friendly prices. They entertain their clients in a very well manner providing luxury vehicles. Some of its features are:

1.     Comfortable

2.     Cost Effective

3.     Efficient Service

Washington DC Limo Attache Executive Limousine service can be in many formats such as corporate entertainment for clients, staff incentives, Christmas parties, summer race days, theater outings, golf days and so on. One of the adorable feature is that they provide a services from single person to whole department and the also deal online having their own mobile application and website to schedule the rides or booking in advance.

  • Leisure Services:

Washington DC limo services are appealing and captivating than other ones. When someone uses it once then he/she can’t jump to other services after interacting it.

Why we should use limousine:

  1. It is affordable than other services.
  2. They show some professionalism level than other which is one of it’s engaging factor.
  3. It has professional drivers and luxurious vehicles which makes your event memorable.

Advantages included in Luxury Washington DC limo service:

A Washington DC limo service offers a more than other convenient form of transportation. These are the most highly ranked vehicles because of it’s captivating and adorable services. A number of technologies and services inside the car for passengers. Some of them are discussed as below:


It is not a universal term as it manufactured by different companies which having their own characteristics and values. Because of it’s long stretched structure, it can serve unto 20 passengers. They are well furnished inside having posher furnishing which comforts it’s customers.


Travelling in Washington DC in never a boring experience. Most of the vehicles come with high-tech gadgets that entertain it’s customers. LCD screens, internet service and music equipments are most common in these cars.


The unique feature of Washington DC limo is that it entertains the customers with refreshments. Luxury Limousines are typically equipped with wet bars. High quality services are provided to it’s customers like beverages etc.

Air Conditioning and Climate Control:

The best unique feature of Washington DC is that it has high quality air conditioned and climate control system inside.

Safety Features:

It is totally equipped with high safety features inside. Fitted seatbelts and partition between passengers and forcing driver. Adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring are one of the best features of Washington DC Limousine.


 As discussed above the features, services and characteristics of the Washington DC Limousine which makes it different and unique from other ones so this is enough for someone to attract towards it.

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