What can you book for holiday transfers?

What can you book for holiday transfers?

Why you need a taxi transfer service? Yes, you know the answer. Waiting for several minutes at the airport terminal will only give you the time to think that why you did not rent a taxi transport service. Instead of chewing your nails, you can easily book the service by giving maximum two minutes. Well going, you are almost done. But which sort of transport are you looking for?

How does booking for holiday transfers work?

Private Transfer is organized according to your wishes, type and size of the vehicle is determined by the number of travelers. Single transfers are bookable for groups, families and solo travelers. Many travelers are transported to the destination area at the same time. This type of transfer is cheaper than the private transfer. Small group transfers carry a group of up to nine people. First of all you have to select your destination and the airport on the start page. For example, if you need a Transfer on the Route Burgas-Ravda, you have to mention that at first before you book a taxi transfer. Afterwards you can continue with the region and the hotel booking. Furthermore the indication of the persons as well as the age of the other people must be indicated.

What are the payment methods for holiday transfers?

You can either pay by credit card or by direct debit. If you pay by credit card, the amount will be charged and debited immediately upon completion of the transfer. In the event that you pay by direct debit, the debit date is on the bill. It will be better that you can ask the service provider the same thing before you book your car for the transport. In the event that the date of your arrival changes, you can change this without any problems. The condition is that there must be no deviation by more than three days. For all bookings made less than 72 hours before departure. If you want to change the destination of your journey, a cancellation with a subsequent new booking is necessary.

Conclusion: What are the transfers you can ask for?

The port transfer will take you from the airport to the cruise terminal. After the trip you can pick up on request. Port transfers can only be booked by guests. Shuttles, taxis or minibuses bring you to your hotel and the equipment must be booked as extra luggage for a fee. During your trip, one suitcase and one piece best carry-on luggage per person, including children under 12 are already included in the price. You must specify a second suitcase as a special piece of luggage. Taxi transport service mostly works on this basic price fees system.

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