Unmissable Experiences in Thailand

Heading out to Thailand for the very first time and figuring out where to visit can be quite a daunting task. Narrowing down your options in Thailand is quite difficult purely because there is so much to see and experience. It is a very diverse part of Asia with so many amazingly stunning places to see. Even for people who have been several times, there are still so many roads left to explore.

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From their spiritual misty temples to the chilled-out islands and beaches in the south of the country, we’ve put together five unmissable experiences. If you are heading to Thailand, we recommend getting in as many of these as possible as they are truly once in a lifetime experience.

#1: Take a Trip to a Hilltop Temple

Lots of visitors coming to Thailand head straight for Chiang Mai, a destination which is steeped in religion and culture based in the north. Although Chiang Mai is definitely worth a look at, especially due to the numerous temples, the neighbouring Chiang Dou shouldn’t be skipped out. It is a picturesque village surrounded by some of Thailand’s highest peaks.

#2: Visit Bangkok’s Grand Palace

You could easily spend an entire week in Bangkok as there is so much to see and do. Most visitors go for a day or two when touring the country and this means they miss out on a lot, so we recommend staying at least three nights to get a true feel for the city. One part of Bangkok you can’t miss is the Grand Palace, the royal residence of Thai kings until the 1920s.

#3: Elephant Conservation Center

The elephant conservation center Thailand cannot be missed. As an ethical and sustainable eco-tourism project, the sanctuaries found across the country are home to many of these majestic creatures, providing an environment in which they can be protected from poachers and survive naturally.

#4: CheowLan Lake

If sleeping in a floating house on a lake sounds like your thing, then CheowLan Lake is where you need to be heading. This vast, dramatic lake is a stunning place of natural beauty and you can rent your very own floating house for a truly unforgettable experience. There’s nothing more special than waking up in your own raft house listening to the gentle waters outside which are teeming with local wildlife. You can jump in for a swim, too – it’s extremely clear.

#5: Sky High Food

When it comes to fine dining in the sky, Thailand has you covered. It is easily the world leader when it comes to rooftop dining and there are plenty of establishments you can choose from if you want to eat from a rooftop looking down on the magnificent city below. The food isn’t bad, either!

If you are heading out to Thailand and can’t decide what you want to do, we recommend trying out a couple of these from our list. Each one is an unforgettable experience which thousands of tourists each year strive for.

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