Top places to visit in canada

Top places to visit in canada

Breathtaking scenery, vibrant cities and a welcoming atmosphere all make Canada a popular tourist destination. As the largest country in North America, Canada is a vast land surrounding splendid mountains, remarkable coastlines, virgin forests, spacious prairies and Arctic tundra. While much of the nation is of British and French succession, Canada is home to a mosaic of multicultural people.Canada features a diverse set of vacation destinations. Deciding which one is perfect for your next getaway can be a difficult choiceToronto Limousine Rentals compiled a list of the best places to visit in Canada.

Jasper National Park

As the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies, Jasper is ripe for consideration. When you’re not hiking through Maligne Canyon, whitewater rafting down the Athabasca River or snapping photos of Spirit Island, you can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the lovely scenery from the Jasper SkyTram. Keep your eyes focused for the various species of mammals that call this park home.

Niagara Falls

Travel here to see and capture photos of the iconic natural attraction. With the Canadian Horseshoe Falls falling over the 188-foot drop at up to 68 mph, the falls are this destination’s main draw. Furthermore, the area also offers a variety of other things to enjoy like museums, parks, wineries and casinos.


Settled amid the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, both nature fans and luxury-seekers gather to this tiny mountain town in Alberta. Visitors can pass their days skiing or hiking at Banff National Park and admiring Lake Louise before retiring to one of the several lavish hotels for some spa therapy.


“Vast” doesn’t even begin to describe this attractive Ontario city. With cultural pockets like Greektown, Little India and Koreatown situated all within city limits, Toronto has the ability to transport its visitors and tourists around the globe. Take it all in with a ride up the 1,815-foot-tall CN Tower or enjoy an ideal Canadian involvement at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Victoria & Vancouver Island

While Montreal and Québec City honor Canada’s French roots, Victoria pays tribute to the country’s British golden heritage. Many visit British Columbia’s capital for afternoon tea, a tour of the Parliament or a history lesson at the Royal British Columbian Museum. Others are interested in sampling Vancouver Island’s wineries to taste the finest vines of all times.

Prince Edward Island

Home to rolling green hills, red sandstone cliffs and a delicious bounty of seafood, Prince Edward Island is the place to travel for a relaxing respite from Canada’s more adventure-driven destinations. When you’re not enjoying the beach, perfect your swing at one of the island’s golf courses. And be sure to keep an eye out for PEI’s adorable harp seals.

Quebec City

A luxurious trip to Europe may not be in your budget, but a visit to Québec City could be. This Canadian city charms its visitors with the 17th- and 18th-century structures that make up Old Québec – a UNESCO World Heritage site. Meanwhile, the aromas of recently baked bread and brewing espresso fill the cobblestone streets with the spirit of Paris

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