The Ultimate Guide to Yacht Week Greece

Greek is a magical, beautiful land with jaw-dropping holiday destinations that leave people yearning for more. If you ever wanted to visit Greece in the summer the Yacht summer week is packed with lots of parties and fun activities all through the voyage.

Visitors get to experience magical parties on the beach (including the famous Nikii beach). You also get a taste of incredible nightlife as you transverse through the various Greek islands. The Greek summer week features:  drinking, dancing, music, sightseeing, playing beach ball games, wading in the water and mingling with new friends.

Highlights of the Greek Yacht Week

There is a lot to see during the 7 day cruise, we have picked some highlights of activities and places you should visit. Here is what you can expect:

  • Underwater Art Installation – Features a great collection of sunken art exhibition hidden in the Aegean.
  • Natural Bay Party – Located at the highest peak in Dokos, it is a great location for hiking while you catch the sunset.
  • Regatta- This is the annual boat race where contestants get to compete in style. Features classical boats as well as traditional caiques as they battle each other against the gushing wind of the Mediterranean
  • Riviera chic party – A superb themed party that is the epitome of elegance. Get dressed, flaunt your fashion, meet new people and take pictures for the gram.
  • Nikii beach pool party – Experience blue turquoise Aegean views as you dance away. There is great music, lots of beach volleyball and drinks keep flowing.

What you need to know before starting your cruise

Route selection

The Greek Yacht week is typically for holiday makers who are out for some fun and sun. However the Yacht Week has categories for experienced sailors as well as fun goers with approximately 15 to 25 boats per route. Each route is efficiently organized ensuring each activity takes place at a specific time. This helps in providing holiday goers a worthwhile experience all through the 7 days.

When planning on routes it is important to evaluate your goals of the trip. Have a look at the trip website and pick a route that will suit your needs. Fast paced routes usually cater for people who would prefer more sailing, sightseeing than partying. If you are looking for most well-balanced route, the mid paced is a great option. You get the gorgeous sailing experience, tour picturesque island destinations and savor some delicious Greek food and night parties.

This is probably the liveliest route with amazing nightlife and party scenes attracting more people compared to other routes. Hydra Island is a popular destination along the party route. It features a spectacular marina for docking the boats. Hydra is a vehicle-free island; take a tour through the cobblestone streets as you enjoy a slushy from many of the fancy restaurants in the island. Hydra Island also provides visitors with a unique donkey ride experience.

How much will the cruise cost?

One of the most important items to consider before embarking on the week of fun is cost implications.  Normally people plan these trips in crews of 10 or more friends and share the costs. However if you do not have enough people for a boat you can join some other similar minded sailors. If you still don’t fancy joining a huge crew, you can get your best friend and hire a two-person cabin. You can get amazing quotes from Island hopping ferry services during booking.

There are usually four types of yachts you can book for The Yacht Week:

  • Economy.
  • Standard.
  • Premium.
  • Premium Plus.

Most economy boats average $500 per boat, and premium can fetch up to $10,000.

After you have factored in the cost of the yacht add fuel, water and port fees (depending on island) during the week that you choose to sail.

Food drinks and accommodation is next. Usually drinking everyday for a week can get expensive, especially if you are ordering bottle service for 10-15 people.  You could try stocking up with your own drinks or go out in town to get some wine bottles.

Most of the boats have coolers and refrigerators but it is always a good idea to double check availability beforehand.


Most themed parties and boat races (regatta) require costumes for your crew. You have to decide on a costume theme prior to the week starting. If you haven’t carried yours for the trip you’ll have to go shopping for costumes. The costumes usually go $50 per person. You’ll also have to pitch in some cash pick up something for your skipper and tipping your hostess.

Yacht Week boat race winners are picked based on:

  1. Overall costumes and inspirations
  2. Sailing skills that include teamwork
  3. Overall chemistry/vibe onboard among the crew.

Things to carry for the trip

Bags: A great idea for the trip is carrying your stuff in a duffle bag or backpack. Suitcases are great too but take up a lot of space in the mini-closets.  A dry bag is great for storing your cash, credit cards and other valuables. A water proof case will help protect your phone

Attire: The entire week will be full of fun activities and you’ll get plenty of sun and heat. So you don’t have to pack lots of clothes for the trip. Avoid hoodies, jeans or any other heavy type of clothing. Instead carry light linen clothes that absorb sweat in addition to your swimming suit or bikini.

Accessories and props

  • Sunscreen- Do not forget to carry sunscreen, lot of it! Along with other essentials like shampoo and conditioning, sunscreen will help protect your skin from harmful UV light from the sun.
  • Country flag – Great for representing your crew and letting the party people know where you are from.
  • Selfie stick – Which yacht trip is complete with one, right?
  • Battery mini fan – Some boats lack A/C, and it can get unbearable at night to sleep. You’ll definitely need a fan in your cabin if your boat.
  • Floaters and inflatable rafts – Go crazy with a variety of floats that suit your tastes available in stores.

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