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The Art of Bargaining at 6 Bali Art Markets

Buying Balinese souvenirs is relatively easy because they are scattered everywhere, from small stalls to giant retail shops. But apparently, many tourists still like to purchase souvenirs at traditional markets. The reason is that it is more exciting in terms of bargaining prices.

So, for those who like to bargain for souvenirs, you can visit the following rows of art markets that will allow you to bargain.

Kuta Art Market

Kuta is the right location for playing on the beach and shopping for unique Balinese items. This market, which is not far from Asia largest water park, sells a variety of interesting souvenirs. Not only that, if you want to buy surfboards, they are also available at the Kuta Art Market.

Sukawati Art Market

This famous market among tourists does have unusual magnetism. Bali’s first traditional tourism market is in Gianyar, on Jalan Raya Sukawati. Here, you can find various Balinese knick-knacks to be used as souvenirs, such as barong clothes, miniature Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue, bracelets, hats, and traditional ceremony equipment in this traditional market.

Ubud Art Market

Ubud Art Market is the second largest tourist market after Sukawati Art Market. This market sells creative goods typical of Balinese artisans. Find various works such as paintings, sculptures, carvings, and woven. Apart from that, you can also enjoy a variety of unique Balinese market snacks here.

Mertanadi Art Market

Relaxing at Legian Beach? Remember to visit the Mertanadi Art Market. Just walk for about 5 minutes, and you will find a paradise for Balinese souvenirs. Like other art markets, the Mertanadi Art Market sells unique souvenirs such as paintings, woven bags, Balinese fabrics, bracelets, necklaces, and Balinese mukenas (praying attire for Muslim women).

Guwang Art Market

The Guwang Art Market is located not far from the Sukawati Art Market. However, his name is not as well-known as Sukawati, so only a few tourists come. This art market was deliberately built, with the reason to accommodate the booming tourists at Sukawati Market. So, if you want a calm and quiet version of Sukawati Art Market, Guwang Art Market is ready to be explored.

Semarapura Art Market

Located on Jalan Puputan, Klungkung, this market is also frequently visited by tourists. The Semarapura Art Market offers handmade souvenirs made by the artisans there. Not surprisingly, the price is somewhat higher because the quality needs to be able to meet the international standards. Usually, tourists hunt for Balinese songket cloth in this market.

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