Singapore among World’s Safest Countries to Visit in 2018

Gallup has published its Global Law and Order report for 2018 and announced the top ranked countries around the world on the basis of safety and security of the citizens and tourists. The yearly report is one of the most trusted and recognized accounts of the states of law and order in all countries of the world where the survey is conducted. The present edition has an odd surprise or two but most of the nations featuring in the top ten are pretty much those who have been deemed as safe in recent years.

As per Gallup, the safest country in the world is Singapore with a score of ninety seven. The second place goes to three countries, all of whom have a score of ninety three. These are Norway, Iceland and Finland. The surprise entry is of Uzbekistan. The Asian country has a score of ninety one and is tied with Hong Kong for the third place, although these would be fifth and sixth ranks respectively if you consider Norway, Iceland and Finland to take up the second, third and fourth ranks. Switzerland and Canada are tied, each with a score of ninety. Indonesia marks its debut with a store of eighty nine as it finds the ninth spot. The tenth spot is shared by several countries including Denmark, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Austria, China, the Netherlands and Egypt, each with a score of eighty eight.

Uzbekistan is perhaps the most surprising entry on the list. Since Gallup interviews real people who report their experiences of how safe they feel, the findings are based on what people say. Uzbekistan is an autocratic country. The dictatorial regime may not respond kindly to those who speak unfavorably about the country or the government. The citizens may fear a backlash or some kind of unpleasant aftermath should their true opinions be leaked to the authorities. This may have propelled the citizens of Uzbekistan to speak highly and favorably about their own country. Indonesia is another surprise because the country has been the target of some of the deadliest terror attacks in the last two decades. By and large, Indonesians have been more welcoming of tourists and despite some serious problems among locals there are no apparent threats to tourists. This reflects in perceptions of tourists about the country and hence its placement at the ninth spot is perhaps more authentic than Uzbekistan taking up the fifth spot.

Singapore is not a surprise on the list, neither is any of the Nordic nations nor the likes of Canada and Switzerland. Singapore has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. It is one of the more welcoming countries, not only for tourists but also for expats. Norway, Iceland, Finland, Switzerland and Canada also have similar legacies but Singapore has managed to offer a better quality of life to all. However, Finland has been identified as having the happiest people among all nations on the planet. Norway and Iceland were ranked second and fourth respectively on the 2018 edition of World Happiness Report.

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