Recommended Professional Spa in Bali

Recommended Professional Spa in Bali

Balinese spa is one of the treatments that are in great demand by tourists visiting Bali. Balinese spa is tourists’ favorite, especially foreign tourists because of its massage techniques that are different from other spas and are adapted to the tastes of foreign tourists.

If you are curious about this Baliness spa treatment, then you can try it when you visit Bali. But before deciding which spa house you want to go, make sure you choose the professional one.

Recommended Professional Spa in Bali

So, we have summarized some of the professional spas for you to choose from.

  1. Thermes Marins & Spa On The Rocks

The first recommendation for a professional spa house in Bali is Thermes Marins & Spa On The Rocks, which is located at Ayana Resort.

Doing a spa here will be very suitable after a visit to the Bali Botanical Garden because it is very relaxing after a day of sightseeing in tourist attractions.

Here you can get excellent service and views of the fountain while getting treated in a series of spas. You can also enjoy a massage while watching the waves crash against the limestone cliffs.

Ayana Resort provides various types of spa services including a Balinese spa. In addition, they also serve an exclusive spa, Diamond Miracle which use real diamond dust for facial treatment. The Diamond Miracle Spa will cost you 7,000,000 IDR for 2.5 hours treatment.

  1. Fivelements – Puri Ahimsa

The second recommended place for a professional spa in Bali is Fivelements Puri Ahimsa. This professional spa offers beauty care services that focus on healing and a healthy lifestyle.

These treatments include Balinese scrubs using traditional herbal ingredients and treatments using real chocolate take approximately two hours. It ends with a relaxing time by the river while enjoying herbal tea.

For one spa treatment at Fivelements Puri Ahimsa, you need to spend 2,500,000 IDR per person.

  1. Lembah Spa the Viceroy Bali

The third recommended professional spa place in Bali is Lembah Spa The Viceroy Bali. This professional spa provides various spa services with the main services divided by Feminine or Masculine packages.

The spa treatment begins with a full body massage, then a steam bath, Jacuzzi, and ends with a scrub and massage using essential oils.

All ingredients that are applied or used for massage during the treatment is according to your skin type, so you don’t have to worry. The cost for one treatment is 2.350.000 IDR for 2.5 hours treatment.

Spa treatments will indeed rejuvenate your skin and release your tired body after various travel trips or struggling with work. The spa locations we have mentioned above are guaranteed for their professionalism.

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