Reasons why Kovalam should be your next holiday destination

Reasons why Kovalam should be your next holiday destination

Kovalam is a miniature town in God’s own country, Kerala. The small town with 16 km coastline is the best place to experience the nature’s magnificent creations. It invites you to indulge in the opulence of the pristine beaches and cool breezes to blow away all your stress. Kovalambeing the epitome of vast beaches and its seafood celebrates its rich heritage with great pride with its mouth dropping delicacies and eye-pleasing panoramic views. Dotted with palm and coconut trees, Kovalam is the perfect vacation destination to give you a punch of rejuvenation and feel alive.

Must visit places in Kovalam

  • Famous beaches in Kovalam

Kovalam is known for its boundless sea sides, so here is a scan through all must visit beaches. If you want to experiment and test your fishing skills then this Samudra beach is the place. It is a quiet and serene place, perfect for me time away from hustle bustle of the city. Lighthouse beach is thronged with tourists round the year. The sky scraping 118m tall lighthouse stands on the hilltopand is the highlight of the beach. Hawah beach is a popular destination for catamaran cruising, swimming, and treating you with some Ayurveda massage. Shopping complexes at the lighthouse beach and Hawah beach will walk you through the traditional items, so you can collect souvenirs for self.

  • Halcyon castle

The imperial five star hotel is the most luxurious and opulent place to give your stay at Kovalam hotels a new tangent. The place is full of splendor because of its majestic vintage architecture.

  • Vellayani Lake

A bus service takes you to the divine Vellayani Lake. A ride on a boat through the crystal clear waters is a mind-blowing experience. This unimaginable fabulous lake is surrounded by the lush palm trees disconnecting you from the life of the city and connecting you to yourself. The magic quadruples during Onam when boat races are held in the lake.

  • Aazhimala Siva Temple

Hop onto your vehicle and show your devotion towards Lord Shiva. The incredible architectural beauty the temple showcases will surely leave your dumbstruck. Enjoy the festivities and seaside views to make your trip toKovalam even more exciting and memorable.

How and when to get here?

You can visit this place of divinity and magnanimity in the period from September to March. It’s as easy as ABC to get to Kovalam. Board a flight and you land at the nearest airport, that is Thiruvananthapuram and bus service or taxi will drive you through the palm trees and high cliffs to this idyllic holiday destination. Luxury resorts and hotels are easily available in Kovalam eliminating the worries of a secure shelter and making your holiday sound like one. Kovalam beach resorts will provide you with fantastic views of the sea and best facilities at pocket-friendly prices. One can also explore a series of hotels in Kovalam at a click. So there is no denying in the fact that your next holiday destination ought to be Kovalam.

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