Places to Visit Post-Covid

Places to Visit Post-Covid

Travelling is a great way to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 related travel restrictions, most people have been forced to spend their holidays at home. The good news is that most countries are starting to open up, and people are now free to travel. 

If you are a travel enthusiast, you should start making plans to book flights and accommodation. 

Here are some of the destinations that you should be making plans for.

1. Lucca, Tuscany

Lucca is one of the most loved cities by tourists and the most visited in all of Tuscany. Set aside a couple of days so that you can be fully immersed in the city’s glory. If you love medieval constructs and architecture, then this is the place for you.

There are tons of fantastic museums and public squares. The aqueduct of Nottolini is the one place you cannot afford not to visit. The structure is phenomenal and gives a clear view of the surrounding beautiful landscape. Book a holiday house in Tuscany, Lucca, to enjoy a complete experience of the city museums, restaurants, and bars, wine, and nature.

2. The Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Not many people will choose a desert for a tour. However, the experience in these destinations is unforgettable. Several reasons make the Mongolian Gobi desert the best place to visit after Covid-19. It is a great place to distance you from the hectic daily life. The silence will give you the perfect space to meditate and introspect.

It is a historical footprint, known for being the world’s largest dinosaur fossils tracing back to millions of years ago. Make a point of visiting dinosaur fossil sites like Amtgai and UudenSair. Gobi desert also features beautiful mountains and canyons, which will be worth your time. If you have never ridden a camel, this is your chance to.

3. The Great Walks of New Zealand

This is yet another unique destination that will give you memorable experiences and a great transition from the covid times. New Zealand has untouched nature and landscape. Walks in the vast landscapes are so refreshing and will have you coming back for more. 

The Great Walks of New Zealand will allow you to explore and enjoy New Zealand’s most breathtaking sceneries. The Heaphy Track, Kepler Track, Milford Track, and Rakiura Track should be on your bucket list.

4. The Himalayas, Nepal

There is no better way of getting back to your everyday life than connecting with nature. A trip to the Himalayas will allow you to interact with the world’s most stunning places. The best part is that the Himalayas is one of the most affordable places to visit in the world. 

The Himalayas is a spiritual centre rich in natural resources and stunning sceneries. The locals are friendly, and you will have an opportunity to learn a lot from them, including the history of yoga.


Most places in the world have been on lockdown. When things ease up, do not miss the opportunity to travel. The four destinations above have so much to offer and will be worth your while.

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