Off The Beaten Track Experiences in Crete

The island of Crete, washed by the Libyan, Cretan, and Ionian Seas of the Mediterranean basin, is the meeting place of three parts of the world – Europe, Africa, and Asia. Beautiful climate, gentle sea, picturesque landscape, unforgettable cuisine, an abundance of unique ancient sights – as if this place was created for relaxation and complete detachment from the world.

Today, The Greek island of Crete is a tourist hub with sunny beaches, archaeological spots, breathtaking views, and delicious food. It also hosts infamous party resorts’, as well as cozy boutique hotels. Due to its popularity, it is not so easy to find unspoiled gems in Crete. However, if you are tired of cliched places full of tourists, Crete does have something to offer. Although most of the spots here are taken over by tourists, there are some tips to dive into a truly authentic experience.

3 Ideas To Get Off the Beaten Path in Crete

1. Talk To The Locals

Ditch the guidebooks and online travel guides. We are not saying they won’t provide valuable tips. However, asking a local to plan your trip will ensure an exceptional travel experience and helps combat over-tourism. 

If you are not used to asking strangers for traveling tips, a private local guide is your must-have for exploring unspoiled places. Today, you can hire a multilingual and experienced guide virtually at any tourist destination. 

2. Rent a car

It takes a lifetime to explore Crete.  Every single time there’s a new hidden paradise to explore whether it’s a beach or a little village up in the mountains or a new local that shows you another aspect of Crete that you haven’t known. Therefore, renting a car will help you make the most of your journey.

Besides, if you have a look at the map and run your finger through the middle going west to east or east to west, these are all mountain ranges. Naturally, this makes traveling from north to south a little bit more of a hassle than going from east to west. 

However, the beautiful mountainous views along the way will make the trip so worth it. And sometimes destinations may look very close, but it will be a long windy road on the way there and, of course, make sure to always have your international driver’s license with you.

3. Find your Secret Place

After wandering around and having many adventures, there is nothing better than coming to a luxurious villa and relaxing by the private pool. Endless beaches, charming villages, lively resorts, and ancient history are just a few reasons why this island is perfect for a luxury villa holiday. Villas in Crete boast lush gardens, a distinctive atmosphere, and stunning views. They will definitely take you away from the daily grind to chill-out spots and charming villages.

The Takeaway

Greek islands are well-known for their beauty and Crete’s heavenly beaches and divine nature is the best confirmation. Whether you are a beach lover, nature enthusiast, or a history buff, Crete will hold a special place in your heart.


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