Feeling the call of the jungle?  Do you crave a deeply spiritual experience? Have you been wondering about your life’s purpose, but are feeling a little “lost?”

If so, then maybe it’s time to forego traditional vacations and check out a spiritual retreat.  The Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center in Brazil is one such location, that’s been attracting attention all over the world.

It’s taking the Western World by storm with visitors flocking in droves from as near as The United States to as far away as Switzerland, Australia and Asia to experience a fully immersive program that includes workshops, ayahuasca ceremonies and everyday happenings such as hiking, swimming–or just relaxing on a hammock.

The Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center offers eight, nine or 11 day packages.


Located in the beautiful and fascinating Amazon jungle, the Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center is a non-profit, non-denominational place where people can relax, reflect, and learn.

Developed in 2004, the retreat center is a cultural, educational and spiritual space that combines nature with modern amenities to create aesthetics, function and comfort.

The center is also a beacon in the community; every bit of income goes toward the upkeep and maintenance of the grounds, such as the landscaped gardens, decks and waterfalls– and that provides employment for local residents.

It’s not just a gorgeous place to travel–although that’s reason enough–but also a place to strengthen relationships, heal past traumas and eliminate fears–in short, to improve one’s life.

Guests include Hollywood celebrities, pressured business people, anxious entrepreneurs, fretful artists and anyone who wants to deepen self-awareness and discover their purpose in life.

“The place is magical and calming,” said one guest.  “It’s easy to let go, be in the present moment, recognize and remove obstacles that diminish your true potential and essence to manifest.”


1.Lovely accommodations with panoramic views of the jungle and surrounded by flowered gardens

You have two choices:

  • Bungalow: Double or single-occupancy bungalows with  private bath, hammocks, sofas, mosquito nets to cover the windows. Bungalows are serviced daily, air-conditioning available upon request.

Or, you can have a dormitory-style room with a large, shared bathroom. It is next to the swimming pond and spa, and is large enough for five people.

2.Workshops and activities

Founder Silvia Polivoy is a licensed psychologist who combines psychological tools with spiritual practices and shamanism to guide people into personal development and to help them attain balance and deepen their self-awareness.

Polivoy is quick to point out that the workshops are where people learn the tools to integrate the lessons long after their return. Workshops include topics such as past life regressions, childhood regressions,visionary art explorations, spirit releasement, soul retrieval and others.

There is also yoga, mediation and group shares, massages and more.

  1. A special diet developed to support the idea of body harmony and balance

The Spirit Vine Ayahuasca diet is an important component of the program, because it cleanses and detoxes, helping to prepare one for the profound experience given with the tea.

“You will need to be ready to confront your demons,” Polivoy says.

The diet includes vegetarian and vegan eating and pairs these practices with strict restrictions on certain foods that are contraindicated to ayahuasca, as well as heavy spices, fermented foods, sugar, salt and all additives and flavorings.

The diet is really the ultimate in clean eating- -a practice that has been linked to better emotional well-being, longevity and overall health.

The diet features local foods, explaining that local growers and farmers benefit from the purchase of their products, plus the vegetables and fruits were less likely to be grown or cultivated with harmful chemicals.

Water served in the diet is very clean and free of harmful chemicals, like fluoride.

These non-tainted fruits and vegetables and sparkling water set the stage for a complete and effective spiritual experience and a cleanse of the body.

The diet does not contain meat in any form, nor does it endorse the use of alcohol or tobacco. As such, tobacco products and alcohol are strictly forbidden at many facilities.

The experience is focused on cleansing the body and attaining a greater understanding of the world through ancient practices and customs, such as the ritual of fasting, designed to bring focus and balance to one’s life and embraced not only by Indian yogis, but also Socrates, Aristotle and Founder of Modern Medicine, Hippocrates.

  1.  The deep spiritual experience of the Ayahuasca Ceremony

At the center of the program is the “Ayahuasca Ceremony.”  a spiritual journey led by Shamans. It is also here where people drink ayahuasca tea, a South American brew concocted from plants, which modifies consciousness to stimulate the senses so people can experience a deeper spiritual journey.

“Ayahuasca is trendy now, but there is a lot of speculation about the plant, with people buying ayahuasca on the Internet, or drinking it without supervision and with people who are not prepared. This can put their lives at risk,” says Polivoy, “ Some foods, even healthy ones like nuts and avocados are contraindicated to ayahuasca.

She continues: “Give at least one week of your life to drink ayahuasca in the proper setting and to take the time to understand the important spiritual messages you’ll be receiving, with the techniques to apply them to life after the retreat.”

Polivoy also adds that it is still possible to experience an ayahuasca retreat without drinking the tea.

“Many people come to our retreats and they don’t drink ayahuasca, but they come anyway to participate in our powerful workshops,” she said, “because they bring key information needed to start the process of transformation and spiritual healing.

5.You’ll meet people–your “tribe”

We’ve all heard about the importance of community.

Although each person will have different challenges and issues, the environment at The Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center is a loving, supportive atmosphere so there will be the formation of natural bonds.  You’ll learn about mutual respect, support and care–something you’ll probably want to keep going once you return home.


“We are a non profit, non denominational organization so our profile is not commercial,” said Polivoy, “ and safety is our first priority; therefore, it is an alcohol-tobacco-drug free zone.”

She continued: “We only accept participants who understand the value of a right set and setting, we don’t sell ayahuasca nor give just ceremonies.”

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