Attractions in Turkey: What You Need to Know for Your Next Adventure

Attractions in Turkey: What You Need to Know for Your Next Adventure

Consider this. You likely haven’t been able to travel in earnest since 2019. While most of that extra time has probably been used for, you know, surviving, we’re guessing your wanderlust is getting harder to ignore.

We may know where that wanderlust is calling you, and it’s not just a few hours away. It’s calling you to the land of Instanbul (now Constantinople) and the Ottoman Empire. It’s calling you to Turkey!

Attractions in Turkey vary from ancient temples to cultural hubs to natural wonders. Turkey is among the most ancient of civilizations with some of the oldest architecture, so their museums are loaded with millennia of cultural, artistic, and sociological treasures.

Start your journey here, and let’s discover what to do in Turkey to best absorb Turkish history, Turkish culture, and hopefully learn lots of interesting Turkey facts!

Attractions in Turkey

There are about as many attractions in “Türkiye” as there are Turkish folks! While much of what people expect to see revolves around ancient ruins or history museums, it surprises many people to know that much of what Turkey has to offer is contemporary.

If you’re into the ancient stuff, however, there’s no shortage of sites to see! From Istanbul to Ephesus, the cities left over by the ancient Ottoman Empire and maintained by generation thereafter offer an absolutely unparalleled view into the ancient roots of the country.

Turkish History

Some of the most influential historical sites are Haga Sofia—known across the planet as a rich deposit of Byzantine art and culture—Instanbul, and Ephesus, sometimes called Efes. The cities themselves are artifacts; their roads hardly changed from the tracks taken by traders on the Silk Road. It’s impossible not to be transported to a different time and place when you visit them.

Turkish Culture

If it’s the glitz and the glamor and the culture and art and vibrancy of a country that draws you there, you have to make an effort to explore the rich cuisine, fashion, and design districts of Turkey.

While Istanbul is primarily known as a cradle of humanity, its contributions to Turkey’s culinary and art scene are unmistakable. Try some authentic homemade baklava, shop at the storefront of the world’s leading designers, or take in a fashion show featuring Turkey’s signature quality leather here!

Turkish Nature

Maybe you’re just looking for a place to escape, a place to reconnect with the planet on which we all live. Maybe you just want to relax in the mineral springs of the Pamukkale, hike the Fairy Chimneys in Erzurum, or unwind at a spa in Antalya.

Whatever it is that you’re looking for, whatever your landscape, you can find it in Turkey.

What’s Next?

The last step to planing any trip is to figure out the best time to travel and buy tickets. Research the best time to visit Turkey now so you can identify when to buy tickets as affordably as possible.

Plan Your Trip

We know! It’s hard to plan a trip when you don’t know when you’ll be able to take it. But building the trip by plotting the attractions in Turkey you want to experience will make the process of planning the trip once you can much easier! You won’t have to worry about leaving anything good out, and you’ll be able to jump on deals quicker once travel reopens because you’ll know they’re exactly what you need.

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