Amazing Tourist Places in Toraja

Amazing Tourist Places in Toraja

The pandemic has indeed disrupted activities such as traveling because tourist attractions have been closed. For example, Toraja Indonesia is also a place that has been missed by many tourists. If you want to travel, you have to pass a series of Covid tests first.

Even after returning from traveling, you must be in quarantine in a secure place such as a Quarantine hotel. However, you can still enjoy the beauty of traveling online. So, if the pandemic is over, you can visit the recommended places below.

Recommended Tourist Attractions in Toraja

Tourist attractions in Toraja are more about natural sceneries and cultures. Like these list of places below that became favorites of many tourists:

1. Kete Kesu

Kete Kesu is located in North Toraja, it is a tourist attraction with the most visitors. Its location is on a hill with many rice fields, so it has a greenish colored view. In this village, the air is still fresh and cold. The most popular place here is the traditional house complex of Tana Toraja, which is also known as Tongkonan. Uniquely, this Tongkonan is used to temporarily store corpses before being buried. At the top of the cliff, there is a stone grave that looks like a boat and that is the grave of the corpses that have died long ago. 

2. Londa

One that is also popular among tourists is Londa. Because it feels incomplete if you don’t visit this grave complex which is located on a large rock cliff surrounded by mountains. Which definitely makes this place has a magical and cold atmosphere. Interestingly, the bodies buried in Londa are not just any corpses because they must be placed according to family lines. That is why this place looks like a cliff with holes chiseled to place the coffin.

3. Museum Ne’ Gandeng

The next thing that should not be left behind is the Ne’ Gandeng Museum which is located in Pelangi Village. On August 3, 1994, this building was used as a place for the funeral procession for Ne’ Gandeng. Ne’ Gandeng is an ancestor who is highly respected by the Toraja people, so the government has made this place a burial site and until now it has become a museum. Currently, many foreign tourists are attracted to the Ne’ Gandeng Museum and would not miss it every time they go on vacation to Toraja. In fact, domestic tourists also really appreciate and respect this tourist attraction with a deep history.

Toraja still has many other tourist attractions such as Pallawa, Batu Tumonga, Kalimbuang Bori Megalith Complex, and others. But for the start, don’t miss the three recommended tourist attractions above to get an amazing traveling experience in Toraja.

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