7-Seater Car Rental in Alicante: Best Variants and Their Peculiarities

7-Seater Car Rental in Alicante: Best Variants and Their Peculiarities

A very important moment of every travel is choice of transport. If you are going to explore the surroundings of Alicante with a large family or company, the most convenient variant is to use 7-seater car hire in Spain.

Let look on the best 7-seater car models in Alicante:

Advantages of 7-seater cars

When choosing a family car, many tourists today increasingly pay attention exactly to 7-seater cars that can be used for different purposes. For a family car, it is especially important to install children’s car seats of all configurations. It will not be superfluous to have air conditioning and climate control, because opening windows when traveling with children can be unsafe. In winter, the function of heating the seats is useful. In case of a journey together with friends, a large baggage compartment is a must.

On such capacious cars you can:

  • move around the city with the high level of comfort;
  • use them for small business;
  • organizebusinesstrips;
  • travel with all family/friends.

Minivans and their peculiarity

Generally, 7-seater family cars of all brands are characterized by lower traffic, because they have low ground clearance and are designed for trips around the city and good routes. They have a front-wheel drive, a more spacious interior, the area of ​​which increases due to the possibility of folding the rear passenger seats.

In the minivan, all members of a large family or company will feel comfortable during long and short trips, due to the spacious high cabin. However, on such a car it will be difficult to move off-road.

The following cars of minivan class have the characteristics mentioned above and are affordable in car rental in Alicante (the price is for one week):

  • Ford Galaxy(411 Euros);
  • Volkswagen Transporter (455 Euros);
  • Renault Espace(535 Euros);
  • Opel Vivaro (935 Euros).

Compact vans and their description

Good capacity, easy handling, decent driving performance, cost-effective maintenance – if you require such a car, then it makes sense to look at the compact vans based on the golf class. A universal means of transportation for a family or a group of friends. The possibilities for transforming the cabin allow you to comfortably accommodate and load a decent amount of luggage.

For example, Volkswagen Touran (240 euros per week) is convenient to travel both for long distances, and around the city. Quality interior trim, durability, as well as the presence of a variety of glove boxes and pockets will pleasantly please passengers.

One more 7-seater car – Renault Scenic (284 Euros) – is the best option for making long trips. The car has an elegant and dynamic look. When driving on poor-quality road surface, such a factor as shaking passengers is excluded.

Driving Opel Zafira (334 Euros) you have the possibility to change the cabin depending on the conditions of the trip. Such a car is actual only if there is a need to save on fuel and the trip is carried out by a large family or company.

Places to go

If you rent such car in car rental in Alicante airport, you should move to Valencia, but not just for shopping! City center, fountains, Cathedral with the Holy Grail, Porcelain Museum, Prince Felipe City of Science, Oceanarium and much more are waiting for you!

Go to Elche – a reserve of all possible kinds of palms. In Villajoyosa, there is a chocolate factory “Valor” and a museum. There is also the Safari park.

Don’t forget to try paella in her homeland in Albufera and swim in the Po-Clar gorge.

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