3 Places to Visit from Chennai the winters

3 Places to Visit from Chennai the winters

Visiting Chennai isn’t like visiting any other Southern regions of India. The city is a melting pot of cultures and cuisine. The first of the whiffs that you’ll remember the city is with it very aromatic Kapi. That’s the smell of Chennai.

Over the years, the city of Chennai has offered a beautiful contrast between the past and the increasing modernisation. Although the city may still give you many reasons to stay in the bustling city with the hotels in Chennai or the 5-star hotels in Chennai, here are a few places that you can escape to when in the city.

  1. Pondicherry:

Fondly known as ‘Pondy,’ this small hill station is bliss in the winters and summers. Go there if you want to the witness the French traces and Tamil quarters. Divided into two, this hill stations picturesque backdrops, serene nature, and the witness the beautiful sound of silence. One side displays the vintage styled colonial architecture in their buildings painted in French colours – white and mustard. The other, displays quarters that are infused with the Tamilian culture. You will be instantly greeted with familiar fragrances of the gajras and mogra flowers. Pondicherry serves as an amazing destination for budget travellers, merely as there is so much to see and at a practically walkable distance.

  1. Yercaud:

Winding a 32-kilometre loop road you touchdown to Yercaud a serene hill station of Tamil Nadu. Yercaud, meaning the “Lake Forest” is nestled in the Eastern Ghats. The lush green mountains and the numerous hidden trails are one of the reasons why one should seek after this hill station. In the winters, Yercaud offers perfect warmth to cut the cold but, not too much. However, expect the evening to be cold. Many 5-star hotels chains in Chennai offer home cleaning service here. Each hotel offers bonfires and warm beverage service to keep you from the cold.

This place offers you the famous Killiyur Falls and the Lady’s seat that offer a panoramic view of the hill station. Don’t forget to try its famous coffee. Look for various fruits, wood and spices.

  1. Coorg:

Not too far away from there is Coorg, a hilly counterpart of Yercaud. Apart from the hill station glory, Coorg also offers you amazing trekking trails and tranquil environ across the hill. Coorg is also known to be a home to the Thadiyandamol, the districts highest peak. Also, many 5 star hotels in Chennai have their sister concerns here. Coorg is an excellent destination for family and newly-weds.

Visiting these destinations during the winters give you the lush greenery due to the recent monsoons and warmth just before the summers.

Many Chennai hotels have explored these hills so as to offer you comfortable stays and delicious cuisines. You can also explore the neighbouring villages situated in the pockets of these hill stations.

Apart from 5-star hotels, the hills also present you with an opportunity to stay in tree houses and tents. You can opt of either a hostel or zostel if you are the wandering kinds.

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