Dubai desert safari is one of the tours or activities that cannot be missed when you come to Dubai for your vacations. This activity is known for the thrill and excitement that it brings and is mostly included in everyone bucket list so far. The best thing about this activity is that it is great for people or all ages so whoever is accompanying you on this trip would surely enjoy and make the best memories out of this trip. While booking the tour or planning to go on this tour you might wonder what the tour offer so don’t worry and continue reading as provide you a fair idea of whatever you can expect during your Dubai desert safari tour.


There is a lot of thrilling activity that you can enjoy during your tour, the first and the first most activity starts as soon as you enter the desert itself. You will be able to experience a rough drive over the sand dunes which would be quite horrifying but at the same time, you would surely enjoy this amazing experience. The next thing that you would be able to do while on your tour is to ride a camel and experience the traditional way of the desert. If you want to add on to the thrill then you can also rent yourself some quad-bikes or a sand board and enjoy sliding over the slithering sand.

The Dubai Desert Camp:

The Dubai desert safaricamp is the place where you can rest after the tiring activities that you will be a part of, at this camp make sure to make yourself comfortable and find a spot from where you can best view the sunset. The sunset is one of the most important and romantic things that you might come across while on the tour. You will observe how to sky changes it’s color and when finally it transforms into a clear azure sky and you can see the stars shining brightly. The camps are decorated in a very traditional Arab way comprising of different stalls from where you can enjoy a sheesha, get a henna tattoo or just buy a souvenir to take back home.

The buffet-dinner:

The Dubai desert camp also makes sure to take into consideration that after a hectic day your body would be starving. The camp offers a great lavish buffet dinner which comprises of different sorts of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options that you will be able to choose from. The dishes would have Arabic, Indian and etc options to choose from which makes it even more exciting. They also make sure to add in quite a lot of options for the kids or the young ones to enjoy during their trip.


Another important part of your tour is the amazing breath-taking performances that you will enjoy during your tour. The most important and well known among them is the belly-dancing which is loved by almost everyone there. Later you can also offer the tenoura and the fire dances that are quite amusing and sometimes bring great humor to the show.

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